A Loganville, Georgia, woman who fled to her attic with her children to escape an intruder successfully defended herself after shooting him with her revolver. The man, who had pried open her front door while she was home alone with her two children, was in the process of searching her home room by room until he finally came upon her and her children in the attic, at which point, the mother shot him in the face and neck, emptying her six-round revolver. The man who had broken into the home, Paul Ali Slater, fled in his car but collapsed a short distance away and was arrested by local authorities.

The story has been completed ignored by national media. The only non-local source that had covered the story, reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution this past Friday, has been from another country: Britain’s Daily Mail. A slew of local outlets picked up on the AJC’s story covered it, including WSB-TV in Georgia, a local FOX affiliate in North Carolina. By Sunday morning, FOX news national published the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s January 4 writeup on their site.

It took a foreign newspaper and Facebook to bring news relevant to the gun-control debate to my attention. The institutional news media is getting beaten to stories and news. So long as information flows freely, their irrelevancy will be assured.