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Israeli airstrike hits targets on Syria-Lebanon border

Israeli airstrike hits targets on Syria-Lebanon border

There are reports that the Israeli airforce conducted an overnight airstrike on targets along the Syria-Lebanon border. Although the Israel Defense Forces have declined to confirm, sources say that the targets may have been trucks carrying anti-aircraft missiles being transported to Hezbollah forces in Lebanon. Lebanese sources have reported a series of Israeli aircraft sorties in their country’s airspace over the past days.

From the Times of Israel:

The reports come amid rising concern in Israel and the West regarding the sizable chemical weapons stockpile in the hands of an increasingly embattled Syrian regime.

Lebanese officials said a dozen Israeli warplanes violated Lebanese airspace on Tuesday and overnight into Wednesday, flying close to the ground in several sorties over southern Lebanon.

The Israeli military and the Prime Minister’s Office had no comment.

A Lebanese army statement said the last of the sorties was at 2 a.m. Wednesday. It said four warplanes, which flew in over the southernmost coastal town of Naqoura, flew for several hours over villages in south Lebanon before leaving Lebanese airspace.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of the growing threat of chemical and other weapons getting into the hands of Hezbollah in Lebanon.


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Good. Let BHO express his dissatisfaction and concern with Israel’s unprovoked aggression against the peace-loving palis. Then let Israel hit them again. And again.

Israel does seem to understand the value of border control…

Folks might not want to stand downwind…


Unsheath your disproportiometer measuring instruments.

Calibrate to hypersensitive and synchronize to “stunned.”

If you possess an older disproportiometer with a right/wrong toggle, make sure this feature is disabled.

Now, go be unbiased.

The Daily Mail (British publication) had a story that the US was setting up a false flag in Syria using chemical weapons. This involved a British defense contractor whose emails were hacked. The hacker released these emails to the press. The Mail has since taken down this story, but it has been reported elsewhere (you can still Google it). Some outlets have examined the hacked emails and given them some legitimacy. If true, this combined with other information, indicates that the US is arming the very terrorists we are at war with. Ones which are also out to harm Israel (supposedly our ally). This would beg the question of What the heck is our government doing? Now there is always the possiblity that these emails are not true. Yet, we have reports that chemical weapons have been used in Syria. Assad is not stupid. Which is more probable: Our government set up a false flag with chemical weapons using Quatar as a conduit to rebel fighters/terrorists, or Assad commits political, financial, and literal suicide by using chemical weapons on his own people? Common sense says, he will do anything to maintain the support of Russia which he would lose by the utilization of chemical weapons. I just don’t think he is that stupid. Evil – yes, that stupid, no. He loses all and gains nothing via the utilization of chemical weapons. That with the many international reports of chicanery regarding Syria makes me think that there is a lot going on that we don’t know about that will come back to bite us in a very serious fashion. God knows that I hope I (and the emails) am wrong. God help us if those emails are true.

    jdkchem in reply to lightning. | January 30, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    Hussein had no problem gassing his fellow countrymen. The democrat propaganda media complex could have cared less. The reality is that the democrat utopian fantasizers are incapable of doing nothing more than moving their lips when they’re not too busy screwing the rest of us.

      BannedbytheGuardian in reply to jdkchem. | January 30, 2013 at 10:45 pm

      Hey lots more than that went on in the Iraq/ Iran War .Millions died. I believe Saddam had some heavy US ( & likely others ) backing.

      During the Iraqui Invasion the US troops came across a large warehouse filled with parts of corpses . They screamed & yelled – International Crime against Humanity. Turned out to be an identification / body repatriation depot from the Iraq/Iran war reconciliation .

      Might all be just a desert myth.

If chemical weapons are involved, better that they’re destroyed in a less-well-populated than used on a city.

When it comes to hezbollah I’m firmly in the “kill them all let got sort them out” camp.