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Hey China, only we can attack The NY Times

Hey China, only we can attack The NY Times

There are Times that we need to stick up for The NY Times.

Whatever we have said about The Times, we don’t regret.

But we stand with The Times when it gets hacked by China:

For the last four months, Chinese hackers have persistently attacked The New York Times, infiltrating its computer systems and getting passwords for its reporters and other employees.

After surreptitiously tracking the intruders to study their movements and help erect better defenses to block them, The Times and computer security experts have expelled the attackers and kept them from breaking back in.

The timing of the attacks coincided with the reporting for a Times investigation, published online on Oct. 25, that found that the relatives of Wen Jiabao, China’s prime minister, had accumulated a fortune worth several billion dollars through business dealings.

Security experts hired by The Times to detect and block the computer attacks gathered digital evidence that Chinese hackers, using methods that some consultants have associated with the Chinese military in the past, breached The Times’s network. They broke into the e-mail accounts of its Shanghai bureau chief, David Barboza, who wrote the reports on Mr. Wen’s relatives, and Jim Yardley, The Times’s South Asia bureau chief in India, who previously worked as bureau chief in Beijing.

I put it to you, readers: isn’t what China did to The Times an attack on our entire American society? Well, they can do what they you want to their own people, but we’re not going to sit here and watch them attack the United States of America. Gentlemen!


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I don’t consider today’s NY Times as a symbol of freedom and everything that’s good about America so all I can say is…

Invest in better security, losers.

legalizehazing | January 31, 2013 at 6:51 pm

I do consider it a state attack on my freedoms. Hey, China does it sucks when a free journalist pulls down your pants? Honesty hurts huh? That pain is 1 free man teaching you a little about character.

I think China is just trying to get behind the subscriber wall so they can read the Times insightful commentary on current events. LOL.



Conflicted here…

Perhaps a retaliatory hack is in order? Say, the bank of china’s artificial pegging of their currency?

Would the Times be concerned if Fox was being hacked by China? There is not a shred of doubt in my mind they would find the right words to convince their readers that China was acting in its best interests against the evil Fox network.

I am working real hard to control my rage over it.
I’ve been a wreck all day due to this.

The Times and China have a lot more in common than either one has with America.

Is this what’s called “Red-on-Red” in the military?

Hey, what do you mean that I don’t like the NYT! Some of my best reads have been the NYT Sports page! 😉

Communists spying on one of the most enthusiastic bootlickers of Communism during the Cold War. How appropriate.

I am outraged!! If anyone is going to hack & crash the NYT & it’s employees websites by damn let it be a red blooded American, not some foreign chicommie !!!

NYT: all the news that’s fit to hack.

Hey – New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wanted us to be like China.

Looks like the Commies decided to collect on it.

Hacks hacked!

Film at eleven!

The Times has the same goal as the Chicoms: destroy America. I’m not taking sides on this one. Let the two lunatics fight it out.

Considering how malignant the NY Times and its staff are towards our country, and how they are leading the charge in targeting our Constitution for destruction, the ChiComs did us a great favor by taking them down. May they reduce the NY Times Corp. to rubble. Much like the leftists targeting our nation from within, I too believe ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend.’

Had the NY Times been under attack from the US government, my view would be the opposite.

Maybe a Chinese newspaper will decide to investigate some of the very wealthy families entangled with our own government. The NYT is certainly not interested in that topic.

Seriously, two wrongs don’t make a right, and it is not acceptable for the Chinese equivalent of the Mafia to hack the New York Times. I am not going to cheer for ciminals, ever.

China can’t do that to our pledges…only we can do that to our pledges!

The Times deserves everything bad that happens to it.

Karma’s a b*tch.

I think that the problem is actually very simple…

Our best and brightest are NOT employed by those who would do the same to China.

They’re busy creating games, Hollywood special effects and many are supporters for the regime that is losing the cyber war.

Yup, we have our priorities straight, eh?

The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules or took a few liberties with our female party guests. We did.

Mister Natural | February 1, 2013 at 10:10 am

go china go china go go go
you better shut up or we’ll crash your worthless $$$$$

Compare the NYTimes before it was hacked by the Chinese and after. One was an anti-American pseudo-news organization that sucked up to tyrants in general, and the Chinese in particular, while the other … Oh. Right.

As Sec. Clinton once said, “What difference does it make?”

I for one stand firm with my new Chinese brothers.

If we had an American in the White House we would be officially recognizing the sovereignty of The Republic of China also known as Taiwan.