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Hacked Journal News User Database Taken Down (Update)

Hacked Journal News User Database Taken Down (Update)

The Lower Hudson Journal News infamously published a list of licensed gun permit holders in two counties in New York, including names and home addresses.

The reaction included retaliatory publication of Journal News staff home addresses and phone numbers, widespread condemnation even from other journalists, and ultimately, legislation barring such publication.  The Journal News now has taken down the list, but only after more than a million views.

One other form of retaliation, reported first at Legal Insurrection, was the hacking of the Journal News user database, including subscribers, and the posting on a website and at Pastebin.  We never provided links, for many of the same reasons we did not publish personal information someone tried to post in the comments about the home and family addresses of the Chair of Gannett, the parent company of the Journal News.

I can report, however, that as of this morning, the Pastebin and other location of the hacked databases no longer contain the stolen information:

Lohud database Pastebin empty

Lohud database link default page

(It is likely the information now is posted elsewhere by people who copied the databases. Do not attempt to post links in the comment section. Anyone who does that will be permanently banned from commenting.)

Update 1-29-2013:  I received an email from someone apparently affiliated with the one of the sites, who indicates that the site is back up and was only turned off because of presumed lack of interest and now is back up. The person said that the Journal News did not take down the site; my post referred to the Journal News taking down the original list of gun owners after 1 million views, not to the Journal News taking down the site where the databases were posted.


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Those dummies at the Lower Hudson Journal News had no idea what kind of fight they had picked, nor against whom.

They think they are going to be able to claim the information was part of the “public record” and therefore not an invasion of privacy, nor publication of private facts. That defense might work, provided nobody gets physically hurt by their antics.

Meanwhile, I hope they have a couple of rounds of high circulation, where the locals all pick up a copy, and contact every advertiser. After that, bankruptcy would be a good step. There is such a thing as the death penalty for a business that acts against the best interests of the community.

casualobserver | January 21, 2013 at 10:08 am

It’s never clear what some think is accomplished by resorting to unethical or illegal activities practiced by so many on the left, especially the far, far left who tend to believe in anarchy over order. To personally attack Gannett management is counterproductive no matter who does it. Letting your opinions and feelings be known to the organization about its behavior is perfectly fine and a reasonable action. Not attacking the people. Even boycotting is a better recourse than personal attacks. Although it has its own set of political risks, as when it is practiced too frequently it just seems reactionary and much less meaningful. We have ample evidence of that from the left.

    Phillep Harding in reply to casualobserver. | January 21, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    Sometimes you just have to get down and fight a way the enemy understands. The so-called “liberals” (they are nothing of the sort) would have been chased out long ago had we not been polite and well mannered.

that default website page screenshot is a stock cpanel page when there is issue with domain. so may not be related.
the pastebin and uppit links were removed.
torrents are still valid though.
I’ve had 115 or so views and 20 downloads.

would love to see the takedown requests (if any) lohud filed.
could get my weekly dose of hypocrisy out of the way early.

JackRussellTerrierist | January 21, 2013 at 11:25 am

I’m not interested in the list nor have I seen it, but I’m glad the papaer got hacked and that the fools who support the paper were given cause to regret it.

Anyone find it curious that as soon as independently validated incidents get cross-referenced to the site it gets taken down?

My take: Gannet’s now trying to shield itself from being sued into oblivion the minute a violent act occurs.

    apples and oranges.
    the MAP was taken down, and yes I agree its due to the 2 (so far) incidents where weapons were attempted to be stolen.

    this is the user database taken from lohud that was/is hosted on other sites.

When hacks get hacked.

The irony.