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Gawker link-baits — publishes list of “All the Assholes Who Own Guns in New York City”

Gawker link-baits — publishes list of “All the Assholes Who Own Guns in New York City”

Gawker just couldn’t resist the million plus traffic the Lower Hudson Journal News garnered for its list of gun owners in Rockland County.  If someone is going to be the center of outrage and attention, it must be Gawker.

John Cook at Gawker has just published a list of gun permit holders in New York City.  He doesn’t give the addresses, but links to a database online where apparently that information can be obtained as of 2010.

I’m not going to link directly to the website, so until a cache version is avilable, here’s an excerpt and image (internal links back to Gawker removed):

Gawker - Here's a List

Below is a 446-page list of every licensed gun owner in New York City. I obtained it from the NYPD two-and-a-half years ago via a Freedom of Information Law request. Because the NYPD is more interested in raping and/or eating ladies and spying on Muslims than it is in honoring public records law, the list contains only the names, and not the addresses, of the licensees. (If you’re curious, here’s what section 400.00 of the Penal Law of New York, entitled “Licenses to carry, possess, repair and dispose of firearms,” has to say on the matter: “The name and address of any person to whom an application for any license has been granted shall be a public record.” The only way to get the associated addresses from the NYPD, as the law requires, would be to take them to court, which no one has apparently done.)

I reported in 2010 that the names of Fox New chief Roger Ailes, his mouthpiece Sean Hannity, Howard Stern, Don Imus, Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr., and Estee Lauder heir Ron Lauder appear to have permits to carry or own guns in the city—though the lack of addresses makes it difficult to verify that it’s Howard Stern the radio personality as opposed to Howard Stern the accountant from Queens….

Here’s the full, searchable, NYPD list. (And for the record, they are not all assholes. Some of them need guns for legitimate reasons for their jobs, like providing security for assholes.)

Update: So this is Gawker being Gawker?  Or correcting a mistake?

Gawker - Here's a List2

Update — It’s unfortunate it comes to this, but it was inevitable:

Twitter - John Cook


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“Some of them need guns for legitimate reasons for their jobs, like providing security for assholes.)”

Which I guess would include the guy who provides security for his Highness Mayor Bloomberg, which would make Mikey an…oh I can’t say it. 🙂

Is calling these people assholes a hate crime? Is Gawker inciting violence? Is this type of advocacy directed to incite or produce lawless action?

    theduchessofkitty in reply to Sally Paradise. | January 8, 2013 at 5:12 pm

    “Is Gawker inciting violence? Is this type of advocacy directed to incite or produce lawless action?”

    Yes. Next question.

    Juba Doobai! in reply to Sally Paradise. | January 8, 2013 at 7:34 pm

    The irony is the morons they are inciting would have to use guns to go against the gun owners. Once they take your guns, they can take your life next cuz you cannot stop them.

I’ve said it before. I’m going to say it again.

Don’t be surprised if someone ends up dead before all is said and done with this story.

    TrooperJohnSmith in reply to jimg. | January 8, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    And then, the Progressocrats and their loyal minions in the lapdog media will pound their chests and proclaim they are just helping preserve freedom of press, speech and everything else holy in the American Republic.

    Then, when someone like me or you says, “Yeah, but when Sarah Palin used some little target graphics on an interactive map, y’all blamed her for Gabby Giffords getting shot and went on a month-long diatribe about inciting violence and civility. So, aren’t you guilty of what you accused Ms. Palin of doing, and maybe even worse?”

    The answer, I suspect, will be something along the lines of, they are professional journalists, and Sarah Palin is just the queen and ideological mouthpiece of the vast right wing smear machine.

    Anybody wanna bet?

He just may end up being one of those a——s if someone gets mad and goes after him.

Once a whore always a whore.

Umm some images MAY be gross. You’ve been warned..

Hey Gawkee..

Eat This

Kiss This

And Die

So, according to Gawker, only law-defying minority interests, including criminals and abusive authoritarians (e.g. government), should enjoy an opportunity to preserve life and property. That diametrically contradicts the insight acquired with enlightenment.

I guess Cook also serves at the King’s pleasure.

I wonder if all the non-permit holding illegal gun-owning gangbangers in NYC can bring a class-action suit against Gawker for denying them publicity…

SoCA Conservative Mom | January 8, 2013 at 4:50 pm

I guess the woman who shot the intruder in her home five times, saving her life and the lives of her two children, is an asshole. I’m an asshole, so is my husband and many of our family members, friends, and co-workers. Any more assholes out there?

    TrooperJohnSmith in reply to SoCA Conservative Mom. | January 8, 2013 at 4:59 pm

    Hell, I have an assortment of… [gasp!] black rifles. Two have bayonet lugs, and all have flash suppressors! And I have a lot of those nasty, hi-capacity magazines (the media’s so-called “clips”), many loaded with military grade ammunition! And that’s just what I have that the media incorrectly calls “assault weapons”!

    So… based on that, Evel Kneivel could jump a motorsickle through this asshole with his arms outstretched, and never he come close to the sides! 😆

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to SoCA Conservative Mom. | January 8, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    NY / Georgia.

    Every state & maybe county has the right to their own set of regulations. Horses for courses .

    Assholes are universal & don’t need no stinking law .

legalizehazing | January 8, 2013 at 5:15 pm

Since the Most Important, if not Only Real minority is the indivdual, this gun control bullsh*t is the most massive and serious attack on minorities in U.S. history. Way to go “Liberals” you are retarded.


The Left has done a good job of disguising its hatemongering as moral indignation: good enough to help win elections, anyway.

They will continue until we figure out a way to make them pay.

Is Gawker the Kathy Griffin of web sites?

Professor: love your blog, really I do, but I am not happy that you are telling this story. That’s what Gawker wants and I bet nine out of ten of your readers will go to the Gawker site and find the list. Giving Gawker more readership than they deserve. BUT, if no one repeats the story……just saying….

My A$$HAT Gov Cuomo – the incompetent nepotistic SOB – just announced “sweeping gun legislation” which he hopes will be ready for announcement at his State of the State speech on Thursday.

I applied for a pistol, permit in November and I am hoping the laws won’t be changed before it’s granted.

We are ruled by attention whores ready to jump on any passing band wagon for a brief moment of notoriety.

I am sick to death of NYS with its billion + laws governing [email protected] near every facet of existence.

Honestly, Texas is beginning to sound pretty good.

In a shocking turn of events, someone on Twitter has published John Cook’s home address and he has rightly called upon the Police. Whatever could said police officer bring with him/her to make John feel safer?

    wyntre in reply to sybilll. | January 8, 2013 at 7:37 pm


      wyntre in reply to wyntre. | January 8, 2013 at 7:43 pm

      B-b-b-but they’re not playing FAIR! Mommie! They’re not following MY rules!


        Crawford in reply to wyntre. | January 8, 2013 at 7:51 pm

        Except they ARE following his rules. Buy owning guns, they’re practicing one of their Constitutional protected rights. He’ll no doubt claim that publishing their names falls under his Constitutionally protected right to free speech — and so his address gets published.

        The left is setting the rules. They’ve simply forgotten that the Golden Rule cuts both ways — the way you treat people is the way you wish to be treated. His stunt shows how he wants to be treated, and so he is being treated that way.

    Crawford in reply to sybilll. | January 8, 2013 at 7:42 pm

    I suggest a rolled-up newspaper.

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It would be more productive if assholes like Gawker and the Whatsisname Journal could provide the names and addresses of all th thug assholes who have guns in NYC. But, they don’t have that list because the thug assholes don’t have gun licenses for the guns they use to terrorize and kill.

We ought to go back to the way it was earlier in Amrican history. You want a gun? You go buy one and the bullets you need because the Constitution says you can have one. No licensing, no registration, no waiting period, no permits, no regulation from some asshole government official who has some asshole guard with a gun to protect his worthless life.

This way, hypocritical asshole morons like Gawker and the Whatisname Journal, who pay some asshole guard to protect them from the law abiding gun owners whose names they have published, will have no fodder for their anti-Constitution silliness. An armed citizenry is a very polite citizenry. Ask the Swiss.

Cook is a hypocritical asshole. The only reason he didn’t publish the addresses of law abiding gun-owning NYers is because the cops didn’t provide such and he was miffed enough to complain and blather about a possible lawsuit.

So, what’s he gonna do now that his address has been published? He’s gonna go hire an asshole with a gun to protect him cuz his life is valuable, nobody else’s is.

Anyone want to bet that Cook lives in a gated community or an apartment building with secured doors?

    wyntre in reply to Crawford. | January 8, 2013 at 7:57 pm

    Nah. 16th Street is near Prospect park. Gentrified overpriced high rent area but no one who lives there is in a gated community and doubt there’s much security.

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The lawsuits that will pile up against these lunatics (including the public officials who gave out the information):

Actions available by people on the list NOW — and even off the list — without any further events occurring:
-Invasion of privacy: public disclosure of a private fact
-Intentional infliction of emotional distress
-Negligence (their damages could arguably be their fear of being targeted by criminals and the expense and change to lifestyles as a result)

If a crime against one of these people occurs:
-Battery (indirect)
-Murder in the second degree(if a killing occurs): malice can be found by the publisher’s reckless disregard for human life by publication of the gun information)
-Intentional infliction of emotional distress (by potentially all family members)

Did I miss any?

Forgot a couple:

-Appropriation, if a plaintiff can prove the defendant published the information for commercial gain.
-Class action: all of the above.

[…] Gawker link-baits – publishes list of “All the Assholes Who Own Guns in New York City&#8… ( […]

That last tweet sounded a little whiny.


OH. Boo hoo. I was being a jackass and you all upped the ante.

NO FAIR. wahhhhhh.}

The little bitch.

You go into the street and poke your finger into someone’s chest, don’t be surprised if they respond with a fist in your face.

And don’t go whining about it when it happens like it was a violation of the rules or something.

“Butch Cassidy: No, no, not yet. Not until me and Harvey get the rules straightened out.

Harvey Logan: Rules? In a knife fight? No rules!

[Butch immediately kicks Harvey in the groin] “

Uhh, Mr. John Cook. I’m with the Journal News, have any comment(s)?

A towdog, I agree, The godless libs will unleash hell on this country with their communist [email protected]. I pray they don’t have the idea we’ll just give up the constitution and go along with disarming like England and Austraila did.

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[…] Gawker link-baits – publishes list of “All the Assholes Who Own Guns in New York City&#8… ( […]

A lot of celebrities live in NYC, many of whom own guns. Like Robert DeNiro, who’s listed on pg. 11.

I don’t know if Antonio Cuomo is any relation to the guv, but he’s listed on pg. 10.

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Poor John, a dimwit by all appearances. First, the gun-owning a**holes are the folks whose names are not on his list. Second, publishing the addresses of the sanctimonious, publicity stunt ring leader(s) is exactly what happened earlier in Westchester. Guess he’s not so special after all.

And the real a**holes here are..?

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