I am delighted to let Legal Insurrection readers know that my College Insurrection compatriot, Aleister of American Glob, will be on BlogTalkRadio.com’s Canto Talk program tonight (Thursday, Jan. 31st) at 7 pm Pacific/9 pm Central/10 pm Eastern Standard Time (click here for link).

It is my privilege to be the Executive Producer for Canto Talk, one of the most popular and original of BlogTalkRadio.com’s offerings.  Silvio Canto Jr. is a finance expert, conservative pundit, Cuban immigrant, and baseball fan.  On Thursday nights, he and I cover a variety of topics together (e.g., history, science, dance, and current events).

One of the best shows was when Professor Jacobson was a featured guest during election season.

I will be talking to Aleister about his blogging history, his work on the Elizabeth Warren Wiki site,  some of our favorite College Insurrection pieces ,  and his thoughts on current events.  We hope you can join us!