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Branco Cartoon – Gore-y Details

Branco Cartoon – Gore-y Details

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Beautiful, Branco!!

And for more laughs, here’s Dennis Miller on the inconvenient truth that the head of the green movement is a complete hack:

Out-of-sight and out-of-mind is not a legitimate environmental policy. It is, however, an opportunity for “green” growth, which profits from shifting environmental and labor disruption somewhere else.

A hypothesis supported through incomplete characterization (i.e. selective) of a system, which does not reconcile with available physical evidence and known physical behavior, has limited scientific value, even when a consensus (i.e. social social construct), real and imagined, approves of it.

Gore is the prototypical socialist, who profits from exploiting hope and change, and fear, through authoritarian monopoly or monopolistic practices. Well, not quite yet; but, they have enjoyed remarkable progress.