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Branco Cartoon – Animal Cruelty

Branco Cartoon – Animal Cruelty

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CBS Obama 590 L!


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After having been to the oral surgeon three times in the last week (including unexpected surgery today) and another trip early tomorrow … I can really appreciate a good cartoon … and a pain medication that finally works.

Cartoons and pain meds are indispensible in this crazy, painful world.

This is your friendly, neighborhood Liberal telling you that the Repubs are more sinned against than sinning, and I can give you a case in point.

If you wander on over to Gateway Pundit tonight, you can catch an example. Look at this article, which truthfully reports an aspect of the NRA response to Sen. Feinstein’s proposed legislation

Go down to the troll comment No. 5:

“Lady Mondegreen commented:
The NRA is taking the wrong approach and alienating the people they need on their side. They should be getting behind measures to improve mental health care and other efforts to keep guns out of the hands of crazies. That would be very hard to liberals to criticize.”

Is that characterization of the NRA response to the legislation even remotely true? No.

Not. Even. Close.

I hope my Conservative friends will pay attention to this type of distortion, and recognize that their own party members deserve to have their statements transmitted accurately.

The Republican elephant is the only animal that chews off its leg to get into a trap.

I wrote the RNC yesterday and had I waited a day I could have just attached your cartoon to send a better message than I sent. You are spot on.

What can I say that I haven’t said a thousand times: fire the GOP leadership, or prepare for Speaker Pelosi in 2014.

What the hell is wrong with these people? Who on planet earth is donating money to the GOP?

Just the sight of John Boehner moping, around smells like…failure.

Anyone see Drudge’s headline of Obama photos with flies on his face?

“The fly has long been considered a bearer of evil or pestilence. In Catholic symbolism the fly is a symbol of sin. It sometimes appears in pictures of the Virgin and Child to convey the idea of sin and redemption. The fly as a bringer of disease was sometimes shown with the goldfinch, a ‘saviour-bird’ against the disease.”

Step aside, Todd Akin, we have a new champeen:

Carlsbad Republican’s bill prohibiting abortion after rape, incest draws ire and ridicule

Yeah, lefties are trying to look outraged, though their spasms of clapping and howling with glee tend to cast doubt on that.

What a clown show.

Uh-oh – Democrat Senator investigated for sex with underage Dominican Republic girls:

This cartoon is nonsense. The electorate has seen no dire consequences to raiding the treasury and printing trillions of debt, so they’ve made no change. Conservatives rightly fear a major collapse from fiscal irresponsibility and policies that suppress jobs and economic growth — they should congratulate themselves for getting 48% to agree. It really isn’t surprising that a majority avoids more responsible choices. They will run to the Right when the dam breaks, if the Right can stop feeling sorry for itself and posture as the leadership preparing for the coming trouble. We need to be like Churchill, the lone wolf warning England about the Nazis in the early 1930’s.