Of the 22 candidates in the race for Jesse Jackson Jr’s vacated congressional seat (IL-2), 17 Democrats and 5 Republicans, only one candidate is speaking out against the Chicago machine. At a January 12 candidate forum, Republican candidate Paul McKinley set the crowd alight as he spoke of voters taking responsibility for voting the same types of candidates in time and again.

McKinley introduced himself saying, “My name in Paul McKinley, and I’m an activist. “I’ve protested everybody that run anything in Chicago.”

Because an injustice has been done in our community. We have just lived under 27–21—years of Mayor Daley, and now we’re living under Rahm “Caligulus” Emanuel. We’re living underneath a whole new reign of insanity…

The machine don’t like you, and it don’t like me….I am not running against a particular person. I’m running against a machine that has gobbled my community up….if you think it’s normal for your neighborhood to have only vacant houses and only poor people walking around that’s broke and ain’t got no money. Only in our community, where you can walk down the street and you see 8 or 9 or 15 people standing on the corner, you have to ask yourself, ‘what’s wrong with me to make me think that this is alright. What’s wrong with me to think that this is normal for my community to look like this’ You need to ask yourself why do I keep voting for the same people. Listen, if you go along with these people, if you go along with this stuff, it’s your fault. It’s your fault.

The woman who followed him protested, “Now why do I have to follow that voice.”

The field is full of ordinary Chicago pol types, even including former Congressman Mel Reynolds, who was convicted of statutory rape and left office as a result. Local news stations like ABC have been busy crowning their favorite, the only white person in the race, Democrat Debbie Halvorson.

McKinley is the same man who has been a thorn in the side of the Democratic establishment for years, and none more so than Barack Obama. He was the one who organized the protest outside Obama’s fundraiser and helped to found the Broke Party.

Some would say electing a democrat is a foregone conclusion in Chicago. But that’s ignoring the recent redistricting of Jesse  Jr’s seat, which brought a lot more of the grassroots conservatives of the more rural areas of the district into play, and the fact that a new force — new media — is counteracting the stranglehold local news entities that pick the Democratic candidate time and again, playing along with the Machine, have had in the past.

With LI and sites like this, and spreading the word, we’re able to  counteract at least one element of the Chicago Machine: the media. The reception to McKinley’s speech shows that, if he can continue to get his message out, the people of the 2nd district are more than receptive.

Remember that the people he’s seeking to represent have been hurt by the tough economic times more than most, even as the Machine has profited off of their misery. They have traditional social values and are seeking any glimmer of hope, and anything different from decades of Democratic rule and near-treason-like Black leadership, it might just be the right time to stage an insurrection.