I wonder what the three masked intruders planned on using the duct tape for with this woman they found alone at home.  And note that they brought the duct tape with them.

She pulled out her gun and shot one of the three masked intruders and scuffled with another.  The three then fled and one was arrested with a gun shot wound to the stomach at a local hospital.  Home invasion suspect arrested after woman opens fire (h/t Instapundit)

Mother defends self with gun

According to my weapons consultant, the gun appears to be a Sig-Sauer P250, standard sized, which holds up to 17 rounds.

Because it carries more than a 7-round magazine, it woud be illegal to purchase in New York as a result of the new gun law, or even to own if you used a more than 10-round magazine previously.  (Added — The new law is confusing on this point.  As I read it, if you previously owned a 10-round magazine for the gun you could keep the magazine but only put 7 bullets in it.  But since the specs call for either 14 or 17-round magazines depending on caliber, it’s unlikely anyone had a 10-round magazine prior to the law.  So it appears that even prior owners of this gun would have to find a 7-round magazine for it, or use it as a paperweight.)

Three intruders, 7-rounds.  Better be a good shot.  Or get lucky, as she did, that one round scares them away.

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