A kiss, via Ynet News:

Two Iranian officials could be facing trouble after being caught on camera as they shared a kiss in an elevator.

Footage captured by a security camera and broadcast by Sky News Arabia showed Iranian Higher Education Minister Kamran Daneshjoo and Azadeh Ardakani, the director of the National Museum of Iran, in a passionate embrace.

In the clip, which went viral in the Islamic Republic after being aired on Sunday, the two well-known figures appear to be waiting for the elevator to clear before locking lips.

And an embrace, via Rod Dreher  (h/t @jpodhoretz):

This is a photo taken in Tehran yesterday. The man in the middle is about to be hanged by the regime for stabbing a man and stealing $20 — an act he claimed he was driven to by poverty. He puts his head on his executioner’s shoulder, and his executioner stretches out his arm for comfort. The moment of humanity between the killer and he who is to be killed is something terrible to think about. As Walter Russell Mead puts it, this is what the Islamic regime in Iran is about: making a victim even of its executioners. May the Iranian people free themselves from these tyrants.


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