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1930s Germany, or Britain today?

1930s Germany, or Britain today?

Could be either, except that Israel didn’t exist in the 1930s.

Israel Matzav has the story.

Image via CAMERA:


Related: “there is no future for Jews in England”; see also, Melanie Phillips, A LibDem MP gives voice to Britain’s national sickness.

Update 1-29-2013 Rupert Murdoch Apologizes for Netanyahu Cartoon


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Oh, crikey!

For a milli-millisecond there, I thought, “Branco? Are you okay?”

Prince Charles is a bricklayer? Oy Vey!

As I wrote on the tip-line…

I remember seeing “Exodus” as a boy in Hollywood. This turn of the Collectivists against Israel is simply impossible to jibe with the attitude of the Jewish gentry as I knew them growing up.

What an amazing inversion of right and wrong.

    turfmonster in reply to Ragspierre. | January 28, 2013 at 7:26 pm

    I was going to say that that cartoonist (and the editors who approved it) had no regard for the truth, but you hit upon a more fundamental problem with it: No regard for right and wrong.

1. Key quote from Phillips: Self-defence against extermination is now considered a crime against humanity.

2. Evil is strutting in public again, brazen and confident. It starts with the Jews. It does not end with the Jews.

3. If this is as bad as it seems to be: Next time, let’s not rescue Europe. Let them reap what they are sowing.

4. Not that we are immune. Far from it.

Well, at least they’ve gone off the rails on time.

This crappy cartoonist anglicized Bibi by putting him in a wife beater! His teeth don’t look good, either.

Project much?

When pondering the fundamental reasons behind the rise of killer societies, I highly recommend Leonard Peikoff’s 1983 book The Ominous Parallels. He begins by asking:

In an advanced, civilized country, a handful of men were able to gain for their criminal schemes the enthusiastic backing of millions of decent, educated, law-abiding citizens. What is the factor that made this possible?

Criminal groups and schemes have existed throughout history, in every country. They have been able to succeed only in certain periods. The mere presence of such groups is not sufficient to account for their victory. Something made so many Germans so vulnerable to a takeover. Something armed the criminals and disarmed the country.

This is horrifying.

It’s most important to step back and see this in a historical perspective, as well as in the context to the dark cloud descending over the United States today.

All the things that so many of us predicted would happen, are happening. I only wish enough Americans would wake up and see thing for what that they are: we have malignant cult bent on destroying our way of life, if not bent on destroying many of us.

No doubt framed and hanging over Barry’s bed.

BannedbytheGuardian | January 28, 2013 at 8:02 pm

Are you guys getting upset at a cartoon?

Without reading any other reactions – my thoughts were that this was how Bibi was being presented by the media./ or that this was what he is up against.

I think he has a good lot dof deserving folk in there.

Good for him. Walling up people is an old tradition . There is not anyone in there that I can recognize that I would risk being crushed to save.

I understand the Israeli wall cuts through olive & wine grove s. MMMM snacks at hand .

What am I missing?

9thDistrictNeighbor | January 28, 2013 at 8:06 pm

This is absolutely awful…and the sad thing is I know a British Jew who lives in Prague who would bite my head off if I discussed this with him. Luckily, his daughter lives in Israel and is far more orthodox (literally; thankfully).

Almost 15 years ago when I first got on the internet, I used to visit a site almost daily, based in Britain, that served as a support group for people with social phobia.

“Met” some really nice people there. We shared our lifelong experiences of humiliation and our struggles to cope with social situations. How we were prone to being underemployed at best … often unemployed. Many had dropped out of college because of their social phobia. Some almost never ventured outside their homes.

We offered each other advice on how to cope with various situations … from job interviews to parties … meetings … public speaking … making small talk to supermarket checkers … family get togethers … you name it. The encouragement we gave each other and the comraderie were great.

Then the site expanded and opened up a page for give and take on politics and religion, etc.

Wow. That was the first inkling that really hit me on a personal level that Europe was in trouble.

Anti-American and anti-Israel views were held by, I would estimate, 90% of the subscribers.

Some people who had been quite friendly before, proved to be much less friendly when they found out I was not the “correct” type of Yank who would badmouth America and capitalism.

It was an eye opener. Now I see this.

Never been to Europe.

Seems like a good time to go … before it’s completely gone.

Geoffrey Dawson lives.

Hmmmm… Why should anyone be shocked?

1] Islam is in the ascendancy in both the EU and the UK.
2] European morals and worldview are derived from a strong Christian and Jewish heritage. 2a_Europe just finished shattering it’s Jewish backbone less than 100 years ago. 2b_The European Christian Protestant heritage is ‘state’ sponsored, hence the churches only prosper while the local governance gives affirmation.
3] The culture is dying all throughout both Europe and England. For over 25 years Islam has been the fastest growing religion in the UK. Where Islam goes, their philosophical perspectives go — Jews are pigs and monkey’s is their ascribed titles to the Jewish people.
4] Both Europe and England are dependent upon immigrants to maintain their entitlement socialist societies – they haven’t bothered having enough children to replace all those dying right now.
5] Soon the EU and the UK will be totally Muslim oriented, with the indigenous people groups (French, English, Germans, Swedes, etc.) giving support.

Wave goodbye to the European heritage most North Americans have. I wonder if the Islamic warriors will burn the museums like they did in Timbuktu this past weekend?

The problem is that what is happening in Europe is a bellwether of what is to come in the US — and fast.

No coincidence that the left is trying for a gun grab now. has more on this blood libel and the Times editor’s reaction to criticism.

Yeah, anti-Semitism is still the only prejudice you can express publicly now, pretty much without punishment.

To recap: On Holocaust Memorial Day, no less, The Times of London published a disgusting blood libel cartoon of a large-nosed Benjamin Netanyahu cementing (with blood) a wall of screaming Palestinians, worthy of an appearance in Der Sturmer, the official rag of the Nazi party from the 1930s. The caption? “Israeli Elections… Will Cementing Peace Continue?”


Then the editor, realizing perhaps there might be something to the fact that the entire Jewish world (and a few non-Jews) are condemning the editorial and threatening to take them to the U.K./EU version of whoever is in charge of hate crimes, figures maybe he should acknowledge that the cartoon is hateful.

I’m surprised no one here has mentioned…

The cartoonist is Gerald Scarfe: the guy who achieved fame by doing the animations and art for Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” (hence the “wall” motif).

Floyd lost me a long time ago for being such left-wing lunatics. A friend took me to see Roger Waters do “The Wall” in concert last year, and Roger was just full of leftist remarks wherever he could shoehorn them into the show. What an ass.

    I was never a fan of post-Syd Barrett Pink Floyd. They are anti-Israel too.

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to RKae. | January 29, 2013 at 1:21 am

    But did you like it when they took their act to the Berlin Wall in 89 ?

    Puts a hole in your argument that they are Leftists if they are celebrating the fall of communism & using The Wall as a symbol.

    They have a reputation as astute business men & now one is a PHD in astro physics.

    Quite possibly , they like many , have complex political views.

      Everyone went to the Berlin Wall’s falling — that’s where party was.

      Then, these same people began to lionize Gorbachev, who tried to prevent it.

      These people have their heads up their asses. Their views aren’t complex, but rather predictably infantile.

        BannedbytheGuardian in reply to | January 29, 2013 at 3:58 am

        Not according to most historians . In 2009 many. Papers were published including one by the Papal Spokesperson of both the then pope & the following. , which credit Gorbachev.

        Certainly within the USSR he paid a price & to this day is a pariah .

        Someone who was stationed in East Berlin at that time & watched closely wasVladimir Putin. He was part o the movement that totally discredited Gorbachev & Yeltsin.

        So I am not sure about your theory.

        Are you thinking of David Hasellhoff.?

      “now one is a PHD in astro physics”

      Not so. I believe you are thinking of Queen.

The left’s sympathetic embrace of Mohamit’s (sic) insane hatred that has become Islam’s vile raison d’etre (hatred of Jews, Christians, infidels) reveals the kind of mindset and spirit in which the left is operating. Birds of a feather.

The rise of this vile mentality is proof that cultures degenerate when they embrace evil…and that lies repeated constantly (propaganda) can evolve into belief and beyond belief, become cemented into a wall made out of cultural folklore with bloody body parts and monsters.

It’s also proof that the left is psychologically projecting and this is what they want to do to people of the Judeo-Christian faith, to conservatives, to those who refuse to believe in their irrational myths (global warming, global government, Islam is good despite its barbarism and violation of human rights, abortion, homo/bi/tri/trans/poly/paedo-sexuality, gun control)

It’s beyond frightening.

I’ve made it a point to watch the movies on the Holocaust and the rescuers of Jews during WWII…and to read my Bible and to prepare myself for the day when the rabid controllers break down my door and tell me my thoughts and beliefs are unacceptable and I must die. I’ve planned what I will say to my executioners.

BannedbytheGuardian | January 29, 2013 at 4:57 am

Samuel – you have mentioned Judeo Christians. I think you might like to reconsider the enemy – not just maybe the Left but Catholics.

According to The Telegraph , Israel has identified Ireland (republic thing ) as the most anti Semitic nation in Europe.

just now there is a blog by Ruth Dudley Evans on this very topic ‘& the pernicious catholic anti Semite charity.

And just when did he Vatican stop blaming The Jews for Christ’s death , 1990 ?

And why we’re the very Catholic countries of South America suc havens for he SS?

Plenty of things to consider before a cartoon.

    Roman Catholics are currently comprised of liberal and conservative groups in conflict with each other.

    Catholics have been in conflict with the rest of the Christian world since the split with the Orthodox over the Filioque among other things, the split with the English over the Bible in the common language and various other power politics (King Henry VIII, his daughter Elizabeth I, etc.)…and the See of Rome began to war with Constantinople and various Emperors, and presumed Authority and Supremacy over the other Patriarchies.

    The Roman Catholic church has, on its own authority, forged a number of unique and peculiar theologies besides its presumption of infallibity and supremacy, that the rest of Christendom does not share.

    RC anti-semitism did exist, some say, and itwas overt before, during and after WWII, especially in the slavic countries where some Jews were persecuted and forced to become Roman Catholics even after the war. Some even claim Nazi war criminals were hidden and helped by the Vatican and re-patriated to South America. Martin Luther published both anti-semitic and anti-Roman Catholic writings. He was more hot-penned than Uncle Samuel by a long shot.

    Through the centuries, Christians have been persecuted by Jews and Roman Catholics and vice versa. Christianity began with a persecution turned victory. God always uses the blood of martyrs to bring forth reform and good. God always works for good, for redemption and for justice – to right wrongs. God commands us to leave vengeance to Him. However, Justice is the responsibility, work and domain of valid authorities.

    The Christians I know are staunchly pro-Israel. The Christians, who are pro-Palestine/Islam are not Biblical in their beliefs, and are irrational because they also are feminists, pro-pansexuality, despite the actions of Islamists. The liberals tend to worship a vague permissive deity with no rules except ‘be nice.’

That’s not a wall…Now THIS is a wall.