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Dear Professor Jacobson:

I saw this well-worn bumper sticker on an SUV in a Glenview, Illinois parking garage.

It seemed to sum up where we are in some ways, as Speaker Boehner cozies up to the administration in a futile attempt to demonstrate…I don’t know what he’s trying to demonstrate other than he has joined McCain, Graham, Roberts et al., in the inside-the-beltway cocktail party culture.

The driver of this Dodge with a Chicago tax sticker on the windshield didn’t head far enough away for his or her holiday shopping to escape high sales taxes, though, as Glenview’s are only a quarter point lower than Chicago’s.

Of course the fact that this sticker is a bit tattered shows again that the Democrats never change or compromise, but they expect Republicans to do so; and Boehner and company obliges (never mind Conservatives, who are not expected to compromise but to accept being demonized).

Best wishes,

“9th District Neighbor”

Bumper Sticker - Glenview IL - Bipartisanship


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legacyrepublican | December 17, 2012 at 7:26 am

Yes, it pretty well describes how Boehner is approaching the fiscal cliff negotiations.

The only thing I might add is that he will also kiss the accompanying orifice too in the process.

Boehner’s nose is so far up Obama’s ass, that his toes are brown.

I’d be more inspired to kick the driver’s ass…

Jes’ sayin’…

I’ll hug your union if you kiss my #RightToWork ass.

I liked the original title first: No longer Bi-Curious.

“Coexist” is finally spelled out.

Nice to know this is what they mean.

I read this bumper sticker as excellent ironic humor. “Kiss my ass”* has never been — at least in the circles I run with — conciliatory. I read the SUV owner as a patriot.