Dear Professor Jacobson:

I saw this well-worn bumper sticker on an SUV in a Glenview, Illinois parking garage.

It seemed to sum up where we are in some ways, as Speaker Boehner cozies up to the administration in a futile attempt to demonstrate…I don’t know what he’s trying to demonstrate other than he has joined McCain, Graham, Roberts et al., in the inside-the-beltway cocktail party culture.

The driver of this Dodge with a Chicago tax sticker on the windshield didn’t head far enough away for his or her holiday shopping to escape high sales taxes, though, as Glenview’s are only a quarter point lower than Chicago’s.

Of course the fact that this sticker is a bit tattered shows again that the Democrats never change or compromise, but they expect Republicans to do so; and Boehner and company obliges (never mind Conservatives, who are not expected to compromise but to accept being demonized).

Best wishes,

“9th District Neighbor”

Bumper Sticker - Glenview IL - Bipartisanship