Because you still care (?).

Via @BarbaraLedeen, I recommend you read the full transcript (excerpts only below) and listen to Rush Limbaugh’s segment, Caller: Why Should I Still Care?

CALLER: I need some help here. I’ve tuned out since the election, absolutely tuned out…  I’ve tuned out. I own my own business. I’m just gonna push forward without paying attention. I need you to tell me why I should still pay attention….  And I can’t stand listening to — and for me, it’s doom and gloom. It’s depressing. I don’t want to hear about my taxes going up. I don’t want to hear about Obamacare. I want to be able to hire people and continue to grow without more oppressive regulation. And I’m just gonna count on the fact that I’ll be able to do it without having to pay attention to it, because it’s depressing….

RUSH:  …. But you don’t see any leadership, elected leadership in Washington that you think really understands what you’re going through or what you’re up against. So that’s another reason, “To hell with it. You know what?” Like the caller said, “I’m not participating.” And that was music to my ears, by the way. “To hell with it. If they’re gonna have an economic downturn, let me ’em go ahead; I’m not participating…. I’m not gonna care anymore. The debt deal doesn’t matter to me. The fiscal cliff doesn’t matter to me. I cared. I gave it everything I had, and it didn’t matter.”

But it does matter, and at some point, even if you tune out, and even if you do punt, the fact of the matter is — and this you also know about yourself — you’ll be back, whatever that means, you will be reengaged at some point because you care too much to just let it all go…. You care too much about what the future holds for your kids and your grandkids. You’re just too big a patriot. You’re not gonna chuck it. …

Believe me, I know where you are. I know how you feel. That’s why I read tech blogs. But at some point that’s going to vanish and you’re gonna get back to where you were because it matters too much to you. In the end, it will matter. You’ll get it back.

Here’s the audio (starts at about the one minute mark):

And a follow up caller:

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