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What does it all mean?

What does it all mean?

TaxProf’s law professor blog rankings for the trailing 12 months ending September 30, 2012, are out.

Don’t expect the growth to last.  The post-election traffic is really ugly (by that I mean numbers, not faces, you are all beautiful in your own way).

Keep in mind that Instapundit is not included because it no longer has a public Sitemeter, so everyone needs to move down a notch.  And Volokh Conspiracy — previously in second place — has disappeared from the list, presumably for the same reason. 

Prof. Althouse has some thoughts on the rankings.

Numbers never meant anything to me, anyway.  I blog for the …, for the …, um, … help me out here ….

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It should be noted Althouse mentions the “CHANGE” column references 1 year ago – not from the prior month.

“To the toppermost of the bloggerposts, Willy!”

—The Beatles, if they were just getting started today.

And who, before they hit the big time, would cheer themselves up in cheerless dressing rooms with this little exercise:

John: Where are we goin’ fellas?

Paul, George, Ringo: To the top, Johnnie!

John: Where’s that, fellas?

Paul, George, Ringo: To the toppermost of the poppermost!

LukeHandCool (who hopes the Professor never enters a hazy, drug-fueled, Plastic Ono Band phase … but, of course, Luke’s mind is at ease knowing that the classy Mrs. Jacobson will keep the Professor from going off any creative cliffs)

Congratulations, Professor. YOU built that!

Numbers never meant anything to me, anyway. I blog for the …, for the …, um, … help me out here …

You blog to give us the rarest of the rare… the viewpoint of a conservative law professor! I mean you can count ’em on one, maybe two hands.

Do you think there are hundreds of thousands of LI readers out there who never comment?

Or it’s just a few souls who check out what’s up on LI hundreds of thousands of times a year?

Whatever — I feel lucky that LI exists. Thanks Prof. And thanks to the commenters, too. I live in a commie town in a commie state and it is really great to know there are people out there whose values I share. And that the comments are usually thoughtful and entertaining — thanks.

    Bruno: I fall into both categories you described. I rarely comment but lurk often. Commenting in such a scintillating group is daunting…it’s challenging to say something that warrants a thumbs-up click. And nothing is worse for a reader who comments rarely than coming back and seeing someone has given me a thumbs down…I say oh well, and return to lurking!!:-)

    Professor, I come by way of your Twitter feed, me and 8500 others who follow you! I’m curious to know if you can tell in your stats how many others come here through Twitter, either directly or through a reTweet.

      Don’t pay any attention to the thumbs down. The blog has been targeted of late by some, dare I say trolls, who just come here to give the thumbs down sign. Keep coming and keep commenting. All ideas are welcome and the “hashing out” part is a wonderful exercise. Who knows, it may even change minds, which after all is the goal.

      LukeHandCool in reply to eosredux. | December 13, 2012 at 4:58 pm


      Don’t feel intimidated about commenting!

      I have social phobia (in all seriousness) and I’m the most oversensitive, most easily embarrassed, big baby whose feelings are easily hurt (and who can’t sleep at night if he thinks he might’ve hurt someone else’s feelings inadvertently) who blushes and sweats bullets at the drop of a hat—and who is known for the occasional run-on sentence—you’d ever want to meet.

      But if you’re hot, and you still want to meet … <— see, even dorks like me can get over the fear of posting dopey stuff.

      I'm gonna personally call you out and publicly shame you if I don't see you commenting more often, eosredux,.

      LukeHandCool (who is sweating and who hopes eosredux knows he's just kidding around, but who indeed hopes to see eosredux commenting more) 🙂

      William A. Jacobson in reply to eosredux. | December 13, 2012 at 5:44 pm

      eosredux — I’m really bad at tracking things like that. I do think Twitter generates interest, and that’s why we set it up that every post goes out on Twitter.

      BannedbytheGuardian in reply to eosredux. | December 13, 2012 at 5:53 pm

      I know Nuttin & that never stops me.

I was wondering what things were like since the election – not to focus on the negative mind you – just really curious about that. Steven Crowder was talking about *some* conservative blogs making a concerted effort post-election to feed readers a steady diet of doom to boost traffic. I was never any traffic wizard but that sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

Your numbers are staggering and completely well deserved. No one does more to help conservative blogs than you. It is good to see the karmic winds speeding the Good Ship LI on a racing course.

legacyrepublican | December 13, 2012 at 3:20 pm

There was that moment where Johnny Fever realized people were actually listening to him after WKRP’s ratings came out and he froze at the microphone …

And then there was some really healthy Dr. Johnny Fever paranoia we all should have too.

On the other hand, the sheer steepness of this parabolic rise makes one worry a bit …

Just jiving! Don’t short the Professor!

Hello, I’d like to buy 10,000 calls on LI, strike price $1 million …

TrooperJohnSmith | December 13, 2012 at 3:28 pm

“What does it all mean?”

It means you have a message. It means you can deliver that message. It means you are an awesome dude.

It means Professor, that 1) you are a rare find, even an endangered species, 2) you write with wisdom and expertise, and 3) you have an audience out there hungry (desperate) for leadership and guidance – something you are able to provide.

A needed touch of sanity in an insane world.

Thank you, and God’s Blessings upon you and your household this holiday season.

It means that people find it worth their time to read you. You have thoroughly researched data, and carefully thought-through analysis.

And that’s rarer than whiskey in a bottle of wine, to misquote Elton John.

I blog for the …, for the …, um, … help me out here ….
Come on professor, admit it, you do it for the thrill of it, because it’s addictive and you can’t live without us, your loyal readers (hey, give me a break here, I had to put us into the equation too)!!!! 🙂 🙂

You blog because you can.

    “You blog because you can.”

    There is more truth to that than [m]any of us would like to admit.

    I hope that if blogging were restricted/prohibited, he would still find a way for the insurrection to go underground and continue.

Ditto to all of the wonderful things said above — they are all well deserved.

83% growth? That’s phenominal.

Fantastic job, prof.

I blog for the …, for the …, um, … help me out here ….
Because what you blog is focused. Althouse’s approach seems far more aloof, like a cross between The View and Judge Judy.

I blog for the …, for the …, um, … help me out here ….

So people will keep sending you bumper sticker photos?

Congratulations! I’m a fairly new reader and still here after the election. I used to read Althouse daily but her smug insensitivity grates on me and so never go there.

High fives, Professor. Thanks for allowing us to come along on your ride.

“What does it all mean?” Breaking news stories and biting commentary — with a sense of humor. As Logos said above, you built it. Congratulations professor!