This is from the “you can’t make this stuff up” category.

Fox2 Detroit (via Riehl World News) identifies the person who famously shouted various expletives during the attack on the Americans For Prosperity tent (but did not himself engage in any violence):

The demonstration was so far from dull. There was quite a commotion, complete with cursing and all sorts of carrying on.

“Get the (expletive) out of my face,” one man repeatedly says to Crowder during the skirmish.

Who is he? “I am the vice-griever for Local 1299, United Steelworkers,” says Wheeler Marsee.

He’s also a City Council member in Melvindale, a downriver suburb of Detroit. He tells FOX 2 he and a few friends came to participate in a peaceful protest against right to work. And things were all good, until they weren’t. “There was people up there that were rebel-rousing the crowd,” says Marsee. “The next thing I knew, I had the gentleman in question right up in my face. The video didn’t give it justice because he was the aggressor.”

Marsee is talking about the Crowder, who claims he was trying to protect the people and the integrity of that tent. Marsee says he did not touch any person or any property.

“You’ve already destroyed one tent, leave the tent alone,” Crowder can be heard saying in the video.

“Get the (expletive) out of my face,” replies Marsee.

“You hurt a lady in there,” say Crowder.

“Stop rushing me, man. I didn’t hurt nobody,” says Marsee.

Marsee says he didn’t know, or care, who Crowder was. “He literally got six inches from my face.”

Actually, the video does not show Crowder six inches from Marsee’s face, not even close.

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Here Marsee is seen officiating at the reinstatement of the Police Chief in his town, handing over the official Police Chief gun:

Wheeler Marse Police Chief

Here’s his union Grievance Committee campaign webpage:

Wheeler Marsee Vice Griever

I’m not sure which is the worst.  That he shouted expletives, that he’s a City Councilman, or that there is such a position as “Vice-Griever.”

Is it any wonder why unions so often stifle business growth and thereby hurt employment when people have positions for the purpose of making grievances?

Is there any doubt that Marsee would not hesitate to be inflexible in his job as Vice-Griever even if it hurt the company needlessly?  Here’s one part of his platform:

I will do my best to see that not one right or benefit is overlooked.

My guess is he’s a man of his word.