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Two Gores and one Kerry ago …

Two Gores and one Kerry ago …

From Charles:

Been drinking that koolaid since 1996, probably much longer.

Decatur, GA


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This is your brain on liberalism. Bet he ‘loves him some marijuana and meth’ too.

Sorta like the ol’ saying, “A closed mouth is the better part of a runaway tongue,” or “I’ve always suspected that you’re a fool and now that you’ve spoken, I know that you’re a fool!”

Ya jis gotta luv ’em…

I wonder what they haul around in that full size GMC Safari van (<20 mpg). And have they purchased enough offset indulgences?

I'm sure THEY think they have, but there ought to be a ANSI Standard or something.

Love the irony of the “Legalize Freedom” bumper sticker, just inches away from the stickers supporting the politicians (Obama, Kerry, etc.) working hardest to destroy as many of our freedoms as they can.

Yet more proof that you can’t fix stupid.

Somebody ought to slap some sense into this idiot. “Legalize Freedom.” Moron! That’s called the U.S. Constitution and you have voted against it at every turn!

I would like to “protect our future” and recycle all liberals from useful idiots into useful citizens.

Apprarently the driver of this van has evolved from dogs (and without a lick of sense.)

    legacyrepublican in reply to Sally Paradise. | December 7, 2012 at 8:08 am

    Even more absurd is that next to the Legalize Freedom sticker is the bumper sticker that says “Sure you can trust your government, ask any Indian”. Ummm, you voted FOR Obamacare dude.

nordic_prince | December 7, 2012 at 8:45 am

There appears to be a strong correlation between the level of idiocy and the number of bumper stickers. Perhaps the connection is that philosophies expressed in bumper stickers are easiest for mental midgets to grasp. Anything more complex hurts their brain.

Another idiot self identifies.
Also, a GMC Safari van of that apparent age only gets about 12 mpg city/highway average. Which makes all those environmental stickers proof of even greater idiocy and hypocracy.

Idiots like this are the ones who key the cars of those who display conservative themed bumper stickers.

Maybe someone should create a bumper sticker reading
“ANOTHER LEFTWING IDIOT SELF IDENTIFIES”. They could be carried and discreetly applied to 4 wheeled lefty billboards in parking lots where ever they are spotted.

The really sad part is that since 96, three out of five of his picks for President have won…

Legalize Freedom? Freedom does not come from government, period. Contrary to the comment above The Constitution does not legalize freedom either. Government does not give me what already belongs to me.

Not only is the vehicle owner advertising their own level of stupid the are advertising why GM was/is a failure.

That mental midget being in Georgia is proof positive of the decency of Southerners. They haven’t keyed his van into the junkyard.

Duuuuude, Washington just okayed-legalized recreational pot. Get your a** and your sorry-a**ed car up the the Northwest.

One day the excuse that you’re not responsible for rear-ending some lefty because you were transfixed reading his myriad bumper stickers will be acceptable in a court of law.

This *has* to be a mental disorder.

Notice the third sticker above the Safari label, “Legalize Freedom.” Some statist drone asking for the legalization of freedom. That moron gave up on that a long time ago.

No Conservative would ever put that many stickers on his car.
The only stickers on my truck are the oil change and tax stickers.
Didn’t he get the memo? O’Bama said they should buy a car with better gas milage.
Legacy of a loser, posted for all to see.
When the revolution comes: Ye shall know them by the stickers on the car in witch they are living.