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“Things are not working” Week at College Insurrection

“Things are not working” Week at College Insurrection

In case you missed it.


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Rutgers School of Law Newark Raises The Party Bar

Heck, the law school for blue eyed white Cherokees has to raise something, right?

Jersey college student starts 24/7 condom delivery service

“This is genius” one Facebook user said, while another called it the “smartest idea I’ve seen in a long time.”

As has been said: ‘Not So Fast, My Friend’

Wash, Dry & Fold Service – Laundry Butler:

Delivery service for busy people. Our laundry service is ideal for both your clothing and household items, and is easy and hassle-free to use. Simply place your dirty …

Now THIS is “genius”!

Gotta’ think outside of the box, son..

Re: “The hazards of coming out of the closet … as a conservative professor.”

I attended Cal State-Northridge for a few semesters.

In Sierra Hall, (where Professor Lopez has his office), and where all my classes were held, there is a large, PC mural painted on one of the ground floor walls of people of color protesting against California’s Proposition 187. It covers the entire wall.

I’d bet every dollar I have that if there were a similar mural painted—but with a conservative theme—it wouldn’t last an hour without being defaced and without demands it be painted over.

On 9/11, I stood in Sierra Hall and watched the TV monitors on the devastation that had just taken place before entering the class I had that horrible day.

The professor entered the room to a hushed class, strode to the front with a concerned look on his face, and … what were his first words?

“Well, Bush got his war.”

That’s the atmosphere that Professor Lopez is up against.

Good luck, Professor Lopez. You’re going to need it … along with the courage you’ve shown.

“Affirmative Action for College Professors?”

Hell… Just make AA mandatory and absolute everywhere.

For example, create a pie chart showing all of the “diverse” entities by percentage and mandate that it be be applied everywhere.

That way, everyone would be equal, sort of… No more black dominated sports teams, no more Jewish dominated Hollywood, no more Chinese dominated Chinese restaurants, no more… You get the idea, right?

Just think, a mandated utopian way of life. What could be better???

Ooops, I just pinched myself.. Back to reality!