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The Obamcare Cliff — layoffs “so we can afford to pay the stupid tax”

The Obamcare Cliff — layoffs “so we can afford to pay the stupid tax”

The likely downturn in the job situation next year will be blamed on Republican supposed intransigence on raising taxes, even though the exact opposite is true.

What will get papered over is the impact of Obamacare.

Now that Obamacare taxes are coming into play, the effect already is being felt, Medical companies brace for ‘devastating’ ObamaCare tax, prepare for layoffs:

… over at Uresil, LLC, in Skokie, Ill., the layoffs have already started. The company laid off six people from its 52-person workforce this year, “primarily related” to the tax, President Lev Melinyshyn said.

“We had never laid off anybody,” he told “We bought the company in 2004, never had a layoff. In fact, even during the recession, we added jobs. … It wasn’t until this tax hit us that we had to do it.”

Melinyshyn, whose company makes specialized catheters, said he thinks that at current staffing levels, his 46-person company can handle the tax — however, he’s expecting to cut back sharply on product development, which hurts in the long run.

“A lot of patients, I think, are not going to benefit from new technologies,” he said. “We’ve literally put all of our new product development on hold … so we can afford to pay the stupid tax.”

Democratic Senators and Congressman are begining to talk about repealing or delaying these provisions.

They should not be let off the hook for their votes so easily.


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Obamacare is an insidious disease. We don’t know yet if it will be fatal.

    Ragspierre in reply to Rick. | December 14, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    I certainly do know it will be fatal.

    It will kill individual people. Just as the FDA has killed individual people, or kept them in pain or disability in the name of “protecting” people.

    I is already starting to kill our economy.

Here in L.A., we have a Japanese-American dentist. She’s never been to Japan herself, so she often asks my wife and me questions about Japan.

One question she’s asked is: “Why is Japanese dentistry so bad?”

She has a lot of Japanese patients … many students from nearby Santa Monica College, which has a lot of Japanese students studying here, and also a lot of sushi chefs from Japan working on Sawtelle and the Westside of L.A.

She asked me one time, “The Japanese are so technologically advanced and develop so many amazing things … so why is their dentistry so bad?”

I told her that a few years before we found her, my wife was having work done by another dentist here in L.A. to fix work she’d had done in Japan. When she was having this done, there was a dentist from Japan who was studying at UCLA observing the American dentist and my wife asked him why Japanese dentistry was so bad.

He said it was because it fell under the national health insurance. Innovation thus suffered and the Japanese were “years behind.”

    Ragspierre in reply to LukeHandCool. | December 14, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    Or, as I say…

    Markets innovate, raise the standard of living for everyone, and provide choice.


      LukeHandCool in reply to Ragspierre. | December 14, 2012 at 2:13 pm


      No profit motive. Little or no reward or incentive for holding people accountable. And little or no consequence for wasting taxpayer dollars.

“Democratic Senators and Congressman are begining to talk about repealing or delaying these provisions.”

For those who are a)Democrats and b) write a big enough check.

These companies that have to make layoffs need to go through the parking lot and make sure the first to go are people with Obama stickers on their cars.

With public unions and their enormous early pensions already bankrupting states, I can’t wait for unions to get wedged into our health care system.

Shouldn’t repealing any part of this law repeal the whole thing? Does “severability” fit in here at all? Can Republicans hold Obamacare as a whole hostage, since so many elements were contrived and unread and unfunded? There was the doc fix lie, the “your rates will go down” lie, this device tax lie, the new $63 fee to cover the uncoverable lie, etc.

Can they really pass a law, then rewrite most of it later? (and get away with that, I mean)

We have President Opposite:
your insurance rates will go down = your rates will double
cut Bush’s $550B deficit in half = double it

Obama actually accused Republicans of “manufactured crisis” the other day, which is of course Obama’s stock in trade. “Never let a crisis go to waste”, as he transforms our country into the dreams of his communist mentors (Davis and Wright). Exactly who were the minions that wrote this bill behind the scenes, and what was their ideology?

They should not be let off the hook — they should be given the hook.

The conversation really has to go in that direction — and very quickly.

We’re headed off a cliff — not just financially, but socially. Events are going to tumble out of control very fast. All it is all intentional on the part of the left. The way the GOP leadership is operating — twiddling their thumbs — they’ll be quickly marginalized as events unfold. And while they will still have their ‘jobs’ and be exempt from the Obamacare law, the rest of us will have lost our freedom.

Boehner, Cantor, Preibus need to be booted out of their leadership positions — and out of them NOW, while there is still some time to work against what is being planned by Obama.

Now you understand why Obama is deliberately attempting to make the Budget negotiations fail. Not only will he blame the GOP for causing a recession but also blame them for all the job losses. The major of voters will swallow that BS hook, line and sinker because not to do so would be to accept blame for voting for Obama in the first place.

The CBO already reported that at least 800,000 full time jobs would be lost directly due to ObamaCare.

The GOP can’t even punch its way out of a paper bag. The GOP got played quite masterfully, you got to give Obama and his Democrat followers props for that. There is only one thing an incompetent is good at and that’s pinning the blame on others.

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