Happy New Year!

While I like to look at the past, seeing into the future can be fun (despite the fact I truly struck out prediction-wise this November).  Humbled, and a lot less hopeful, I offer my predictions for 2013.

1) John Boehner remains as the Speaker of the House, because the rules of effective leadership do not apply in “Panem” (better known to us as  Washington, D.C.).  Any activist unhappy with this fact needs to work at solving the dual problems of incumbency and gerrymandering at the state and local levels.

2) Locally, Tea Party activists will continue supporting their elected candidates (if they “walk the walk”) and will be looking for “new blood” with an eye to 2014.  This is the time when we can make the most difference, by getting these potential candidates known and funded.  Tim Daniel/Left Coast Rebel offers one Michigan example of a current Congressman who is maintaining the support of his voters — despite rejection by the GOP establishment:

Look to Michigan representative Justin Amash as an example of the young, fresh fiscal conservative face of the limited government movement (he’s also second generation Arab-American and only 32 years old). Sadly, Rep. Amash was one of the individuals jettisoned from the Budget Committee by the leadership mentioned above because he previously voted against Boehner’s budget-busting and yesteryear’s Paul Ryan’s budget.

3) Tea Party activists will still regularly get called “racists” –– as will anyone else who doesn’t believe the leftist diversity drivel. Subsequently, Professor Jacobson’s “Saturday Night Card Game” will continue to be popular.

4) President Obama will be held totally unaccountable for any major problem.  For example, prior to his election, American presidents were routinely branded as responsible for troubles such as embassy burnings and unemployment (no matter what party!).  But for some reason, YouTube videomakers, Congress, and Tea Party activists are to blame and will remain so into the foreseeable future!

5) The American credit rating will go down.  Most high level financiers are not stupid, recognizing that the country has had no budget in over 3 years, that Congress has no desire to trim back entitlement spending in any serious way, and that the Leader of the Free World spends more time on golf courses than briefing rooms.

6) Major mainstream news publications will get some form of “Stimulus”. This  is the motivation for “Time” making Obama “Person of the Year”.  Expect its parent company, Time Warner, to get some fiscal assistance this year from Uncle Sam Obama. This is another step in the American media’s transformation into Pravda.  This will be met with intense mockery, derision, and some amount of protest by news-starved citizens around the country.

7). Citizens will continue pushing back on public employee unions.Wisconsin and Michigan’s economic successes in the wake of curbing public employee union power (even when faced with threats and violence) will give citizens in other troubled states an incentive to act with similar legislation and measures.

8) Individual companies and many states will continue to fight the implementation of Obamacare measures using all legal means available. Additionally, they will receive a deluge of backing by citizens who will be directly hit with penalties, taxes and restrictions imposed under the new healthcare rules. An example is the nationwide Jan. 5th Standing with Hobby Lobby. This will mean more citizen activists join our ranks.

9) More Californians will be moving to Red States. See Cal Watchdog writer Steven Greenhut’s 10 Predictions for California as to the reasons why. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

10) There won’t be any massive “Tea Party” rallies. Instead, more taxpayer-friendly citizens will get elected locally. More Americans will begin engaging in”citizen journalism”. And more improptu displays celebrating American principles and liberties will occur (e.g., “Empty Chair Day“, “Chick-Fil-A Day“, run on gun purchases).

At the end of 2013, I think that the elite media and establishment politicians will realize we are to be governed, not ruled. Then, we will get ready to rock 2014!