Obama held a press conference today about gun legislation, but almost all of the press questions were about the “fiscal cliff.”

Obama’s responses were truly amazing, a spiking-of-the-football approach in which he pocketed Boehner’s concession on tax rates for those making over $1 million, then moved the class warfare down to those making less.

Here’s a taste of the press conference, be glad you didn’t have to listen to the whole thing.

Obama even suggested that because of the Newtown shooting, Republicans should stop fighting with him.

Boehner responded with a 50-second live statement, in which he says the House will pass Plan B and send it to the Senate. 

Boehner appears to be taking my suggestion of passing something and then going home, but rather than merely preserve the status quo pending further negotiations next quarter (Plan C), Plan B protects everyone making under $1 million as a final solution on tax rates.

I still think the Christmas Strategy is a better strategy, but what do I know.