From our friends Down Under at The Catallaxy Files, reports of Tea Party Derangement Syndrome, He believes it but does anyone else? (emphasis mine):

WAYNE Swan has blamed the conservative Tea Party movement in the US for damaging the global economy and contributing to the “whack” to Australia’s budget position that has ruined Labor’s planned 2012-13 surplus.

The Acting Prime Minister and Treasurer used Twitter yesterday to warn that the looming fiscal cliff in the US, coupled with the European debt crisis, had directly affected Australia by reducing tax receipts, thus undermining next year’s budget surplus.

But Mr Swan saved his key criticism for the Tea Party, accusing it of holding the world to ransom and setting back the post-global financial crisis recovery for the past 18 months.

‘The impact of America’s fiscal cliff saga combined with Europe’s deep problems is having a real impact on the entire global economy,’ he tweeted.

‘Of course, we’re seeing that impact first hand in Australia with the huge whack we’ve copped to our revenue base.

‘The fact is, no matter what happens this week, huge damage has been done over the last 18 months thanks to the Tea Party’s influence. It is lamentable that so much of the world’s post-GFC economic recovery has been held hostage in such a reckless way by the Tea Party.’

Wayne Swan blaming the Tea Party for Australia’s problems?

I don’t even know who Wayne Swan is, but the internet does:

Of course Wayne Swan from Down Under would blame the Tea Party, he adheres to the New Jersey School of Economics:

Australia sure has changed since the good old days …

… when men were men, and Treasurers were not shrimps:


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