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Sam Donaldson

Sam Donaldson

Need I say more?

Via Newsbusters:

Donaldson went after the Tea Party this weekend.

During a discussion about 2012’s biggest game changers on the syndicated Chris Matthews Show, Donaldson said, “The greatest slogan that I hated during this last campaign was ‘We want to take back our country.’ Guys, it’s not your country anymore – it’s our country”

He’s right, of course. We doomed ourselves in the presidential race by nominating a far-right wingnut Tea Party guy. Oh, wait.


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Poor old Sam.

He had to post bail after his recent DWI arrest for both himself and his rug.

Seems his eyebrows and that rug formed a mated pair years back…

It’s been 40 years or so, but I used to appreciate Sam Donaldson when he worked the White House beat…but then he became a Democratic hack and reinforced the idea that journo-lists are Democratic operatives with bylines. Which, of course, ties in perfectly with the reality that the Democratic Party is the political wing of the KKK.

I always wondered why, back in the Reagan days, Sam railed against the mohair subsidy in the IRS code when it’s clear his rug is mohair and he benefitted from the law.
Possession of that rug is a felony in ten states but not apparently in DC.

I thought we had determined years ago that Donaldson was a has-been.

Belated congratulations, Professor, on your Doug Ross Fabulous Fifty Award. How come it’s not on the front page? C’mon…brag a little. Dog knows you earned it.

Is Old Sam still getting “Wool Subsidies” from the Federal Government? What does a millionaire need a check from the government. I hear he was getting over $200,000.

Quite possible that what this blurb below indicates, caused all of sammy’s problems:

He attended New Mexico Military Institute as well as Texas Western College (now known as University of Texas at El Paso) where he served as station manager of KTEP, the campus radio station, and joined the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.[2] From 1956 to 1959, Donaldson served on active duty as an artillery officer in the United States Army, attaining the rank of Captain (USAR). While on active duty in 1958, Donaldson was one of the military observers of an atomic test in the Nevada testing grounds when an atomic device with a yield roughly equivalent to the bombs dropped on Japan was detonated three thousand yards away from the slit trench which protected the observers.

If sammy means “our country” meaning the left and he does, as of now, he is correct. That has to change.

Never, or almost never watched sammy, his eyebrows are scary.

    walls in reply to JP. | December 27, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    So Sammy was close to a bomb detonation? Was he exposed to excessive radiation that caused hair loss? Does he wear a rug because of that blast? Intrigued readers want to know.

      He isn’t called Nagasaki for nunthin’. OK OK, dunno about the Naga part, but saki (or sake, pick prolly was what eyebrow boy was drinkin’ when he got snatched, last week..

Sam was recently arrested for DUI. Perhaps he was still hung-over.

Are those two wooly mammoths above his eyes ready to butt heads?

Sam I am, the song is titled, “This is My Country.”

If we continue with the current Democratic Party policies we will eventually arrive where Greece is now, or, in a best case scenario, where Japan is and has been for the past 20 years. If the GOP reverts to the sort of GOP that Sam believes is beneficial, the best that can be hoped for is that it takes longer for us to become Greece or Japan. With the policies the Tea Party advocate (smaller government, less taxation and less borrowing), the US economy can start to grow again. Eventually, enough of the US electorate will realize that. I just hope it doesn’t take 20 years, but why would Sam Donaldson care if it does, he won’t be here to see it.

I’d rather live in Curtis Mayfield’s country than Sam’s, whose national anthem is ZZ Top’s “Arrested for Driving While Blind.”

Sammy D — I don’t want to pick up the check for what you’re ordering. Pig out on your own dime.

I would like him to define who “our” is when he says it’s “our” country, since it sounds like his definition excludes anyone in the Tea Party. Make him define his terms and hold him to them – if he’s saying TP is NOT part of the USA, then he’s the exclusionist – he’s the one who’s not an American. If he’s saying the TP IS part of the USA, then he has to live with the fact that there’s a whole lot more TP sympathizers than leftist sympathizers, and yield to the idea that just because one siezes control of power, doesn’t mean one has the popular masses behind him.

What this all feels like is Vietnam, only in this case it’s a domestic, legal, bottom-up organized insurrection vs. the power structures in DC.

If it’s your country, don’t ask me to pay for it, a-hole.

Sam, If it’s your country you pay for it.

DINORightMarie | December 27, 2012 at 1:45 pm

“The greatest slogan that I hated during this last campaign was ‘We want to take back our country.’ Guys, it’s not your country anymore – it’s our country

Sammy, your point is one big giant FAIL.

The only way to take BACK a country – or anything else, for that matter – is if it has been taken away by someone else. Poor Sammy D. – English is hard.

A journalist who states the obvious – confirms the obvious, actually – who acknowledges what we already knew: the Leftist radicals have TAKEN OVER OUR COUNTRY….hence the slogan we want to “take back our country.” And he thinks it is a “great” slogan, but he “hates” it…… Oh, Sammy! How far you have fallen by sacrificing your intellect and credibility on the altar of leftist acceptance and ideology.

Is it that hard for leftists to understand? Especially media types, the so-called “journalists”…….. I thought their stock in trade was words, meaning, and understanding language in general?!

Maybe Sammy D. needs to retire, since he obviously can’t comprehend basic English anymore.

Doorknob, doormat, doornail …

Whatever door-object you can think of … Sam Donaldson is dumber.

Sam, all by himself, reduced the average IQ of the old “This Week with David Brinkley” show by 50 points.

Once when discussing a push by some city or state to make all its stop signs bilingual … Sam went on an infuriatingly long rant about the need to have “stop” written in Spanish as well as English.

To which George Will succinctly quipped, (best as I can remember): “Anybody here who can’t take the time to learn the word ‘Stop’ should not be here.”

First instincts are often prescient: How could anybody take someone with eyebrows like that seriously?

Once again we see the leftist definition of “democracy.” They believe that elections give one group of people power over another group of people. In another context this could be called “dictatorship of the proletariat.” It is antithetical to the U.S. Constitution.

Democrats. More like Labour.

I’m surprised no one has run a clip of the commercial Frontline used to run during the Bush years when was big. Part of the montage was a grey haired, bespectacled old lady calling out over her shoulder that she was “going to take the country back” as she headed to I believe an anti-Bush meeting. Part of the whole dissent is the highest form of patriotism meme that was so fashionable before BO was elected.