There isn’t going to be a vote tonight in the House, at least.

And it’s not clear what all the details are, but it looks as of this writing that taxes will go up on people making more than $400,000 individually or $450,000 as a couple. But beyond that, according to Rand Paul’s interview just moments ago, there may be more spending … that’s right, more spending and no spending cuts.

Paul said although he doesn’t like the tax portion, he might vote for it because it protects 99% of the people, but he’s not going to vote for a bill that includes more spending.

Here’s his speech from earlier in the day.

I never considered myself a Rand Paul fan (or enemy), but he seems to be one of the few people making sense right now.

Update 1-1-2013 Senate passes massive tax cut which raised taxes over $600 billion in middle of night without reading the bill