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Private Idaho

Private Idaho

From Katja, the first of two:

Dear Professor Jacobson,

I hope you enjoy these bumper sticker photos.

The first one (“It takes a village”) was taken in a church parking lot in Post Falls, Idaho, the first time my family and I were ever anywhere near this area.

Being a native Chicagoan, I found it pretty hilarious….

I love the blog, and I hope you and your associates keep up the good work!
Take care,


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The way things are going, that gun plus a few extras might come in real handy in the not-so-distant future.

This country’s a mess, the world is a mess which might indicate a need for some self sufficiency.

A bad time to be leaderless…

And it takes a fishing pole and some patience to feed yourself.

Good to see Brigitte Gabriel’s website
on the bumpersnicker. She is a Lebanese Christian refugee with a very important message of how to save our beloved America. Visit the site, please, her group only has one lobbyist in DC whereas the Saudis have hundreds.

I live near Post Falls. This area is quite conservative, considering that at least half (if not more) of the residents are California refugees! Oh, there are the usual MSNBC kook-aid drinkers here but the majority of the people here are gun-totin’, god-fearin’, good hearted folks who look after each other. I love this place and am even getting used to snow!