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Poll backs up The Christmas Strategy

Poll backs up The Christmas Strategy

I told you I wouldn’t stop writing about The Christmas Strategy.

A new poll backs me up that the public will go along with a strategy which places Democratic sacred cows on the carving board, NBC/WSJ poll: Two-thirds support balanced deficit deal:

As the Obama White House and Congress negotiate to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff, nearly two-thirds of Americans say they favor a balanced deal to reduce the deficit — consisting of both higher tax rates and cuts to key entitlement programs.

According to the latest national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 65 percent say congressional leaders should make compromises to deal with the budget deficit, even if that means Democrats would need to accept targeted spending cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and that Republicans would need to accept targeted increases in tax rates.

That includes 68 percent of Democrats, 66 percent of Republicans and 56 percent of political independents who support this position.

By comparison, just 28 percent believe leaders should stick to their traditional positions on the budget deficit, even if that means Congress goes over the fiscal cliff, triggering the automatic spending cuts and tax increases that are set to take place at the beginning of the year if Congress is unable to reach an agreement.

A Big F-ing Deal (to quote Joe Biden) can get done when Democrats are under pressure to give in on spending in a Big Way.

That only happens when the Big Democratic Leverage Point passes, and everyone faces the cliff of deficits and national debt together.

It can’t get done this month in any acceptable way, because Obama is still trying to spike the football on tax rates using the artificial year-end deadline as the point of no return.

It can get done next Quarter.

Go home for Christmas.  Or in Obama’s case, on vacation.


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Yep, let the anointed one and Harry Reid swing in the wind.

Make it abundantly clear who was in possession of the ball and make it stick.

If the GOP caves, it’s all over until at least 2014…

Somebody needs to tell Boehner about the Christmas strategy.

I’m on board with it but that doesn’t really matter though. I’ll send this post to my congresscritter though.

I don’t recommend playing a game of chicken against a man who knows he has Pancreatic cancer when the prize is prosperity for all his heirs.