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ObamaVan, ObamaVan

ObamaVan, ObamaVan

From frequent photographer Ulises:

The first lady minivan spotted in Maryland.

Taken in Owing Mills, MD… from the passenger side…my girlfriend was driving

Yeah, that’s what they all say.

Bumper Sticker - Owings Mills MD - Obama Van


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Strangely, all the conservative bumper stickers disappeared from my gym parking lot after the election. Have the conservatives gone into hiding now or were these Republican/Romney election workers who moved back home?

Conservatives may suffer a similar fate as do Christians in formerly “tolerant” Muslim countries… Hunted down like dawgs!

legacyrepublican | December 26, 2012 at 8:38 am

Looking at language is a very important thing.

“Proud” in this sense means now in control, you are not.

When a conservative says the country is “lost” it means not just that they are not in control, but are now being controlled.

Roll back to the early 1800s when “Manifest Destiny” became the clarion call for a young nation. That was a unifying phrase. It said that all Americans had something to contribute to building a better country as a unity.

We need to change our language to illustrate what is really happening.

If the enemy can use a crisis to initiate change to their advantage, then we conservatives can do the very same thing with the crisis that this country is in.

And by that, I mean, we need to use language that says they own all the ills and bad things happening that they have created in their programs.

For example …

“I need a job, not your welfare”
“Obamacare killed my privacy”
“Obamacare invades my personal space”

Rather obvious that Bertha Butts was not in the van.

1. She’s still in Hawaii spending our tax dollars.
2. No ‘looking for hookers’ SS vehicles or people hanging on door handles.
3. Van would tilt depending on which side she was sitting on.

Yeah, we awfu prou too..

Not a mini-van. Though we are talking about a wookie.

To be a true 1st lady mini-van in Maryland it should be a Chevy Astro-van.

She has the Tramp Stamp initials on the rear, I see. Somehow, that fits … [sigh]