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Norks shoot long range rocket

Norks shoot long range rocket

North Korea launches rocket:

North Korea has launched a long-range rocket in defiance of condemnation by critics who believe it is seeking to develop technology that will enable it to deliver a nuclear warhead, South Korean TV channel YTN reported.

YTN said the rocket was launched from a site on the west coast. A launch in April ended in failure minutes later.

North Korea says the launch is aimed merely at putting a weather satellite in orbit.

I wonder if this group also did polling for Republicans, posted at 6:29 p.m. tonight, US institute: North Korea rocket launch could be delayed for 10 days or more.


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I wonder if this group also did polling for Republicans

Too soon Professor – too soon. 🙂

I do recall Romney bragging about the guys he hired … “these guys do elections all over the world”, or something like that. Never figured out just who those guys were.

Seems we still don’t know if the NORK test was successful.