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No “placeholder” for DeMint

No “placeholder” for DeMint

With Jim DeMint leaving the Senate, there’s plenty of speculation as to who Nikki Haley will appoint. 

While Tim Scott has the national attention, there is plenty of South Carolina political intrigue always waiting to happen, so who knows.

While that’s undecided, one thing that has been decided is that there will be no “placeholder”:

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said she will not appoint a “place holder” to replace Jim DeMint in the U.S. Senate who pledges not to run for the seat in 2014.

DeMint, a Tea Party favorite, stunned some in the political world last week when he said he would resign to become president of the conservative Heritage Foundation. DeMint’s decision sets up a scramble in South Carolina, starting first with Haley’s appointment and then a special election in 2014.

In a statement released Monday, the GOP governor says she does not want to tie the hands of her appointee or the right of the Palmetto State’s voters “to render their judgment on the appointee’s performance by way of their vote.”

“As I continue to consider the impending U.S. Senate vacancy, many have discussed the possibility of a ‘place holder’ appointee who would pledge to serve for only two years and not seek election to the seat in 2014,” she said. “While there are some good arguments in favor of that approach, I believe the better case is against it. …I believe South Carolina will be best served by a U.S. senator who will work hard day in and day out, and put him or herself before the voters at the soonest possible time.”

Rep. Tim Scott’s name is most often mentioned in news accounts as a possible successor to DeMint.


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BannedbytheGuardian | December 10, 2012 at 6:03 pm

I think there should be a BBQ Off & I would sure
Iike to be invited.


    Estragon in reply to EBL. | December 11, 2012 at 12:53 am

    That article is dated Dec. 7 and states “Haley has already informed key Republicans of her decision.” Um, and it hasn’t leaked?

    No way. Even if she decided already, she knows better than to tell anyone of the decision before she announces it. Sounds like someone took a good 50-50 guess and made a phone call, and Adams bought it at retail.

I definitely prefer Tim Scott, but McMaster’s name is coming up a lot. She did say Stephen Colbert is definitely not a choice. Who knows, she could even appoint herself.

The ACU wants Scott, too. I think that would be bonny.

No question, McMaster has a helluva background. He does not appear to be a lightweight. But… appearances…

No “placeholder” for DeMint

    Estragon in reply to Browndog. | December 11, 2012 at 12:58 am

    Folks around Columbia are interpreting the “no placeholder” as ruling out McMaster, who would have been the ideal placeholder. But he might also want to keep the seat, he’s an ambitious guy and a good, smart conservative.

    DeMint could have had the seat until he died, but unlike Obama, he can do math and realized $1 million+ per year to run Heritage adds up faster than those $174,000 Senate salaries. And if anything he will end up on more Sunday talk shows as the head of Heritage.

BannedbytheGuardian | December 10, 2012 at 10:27 pm

Presser noon Tuesday.

Nikki should really annoy peeps & hold it at Fort Sumpter.

How about we give Lindsey Graham an additional Senate seat?

The odds are pretty good that Haley will appoint either Scott or McMaster, and either would be a good choice. Tim Scott is the real deal common sense conservative who came up through local office, County Council, etc., and has stood for the same things all along, unwaveringly.

McMaster isn’t as dynamic or exciting, but he has the experience as a tough-minded conservative operative.

Haley is definitely part of the reform side of the SC GOP, the old boys in the Assembly are her biggest foes. She isn’t going to give them a Senate seat, period. Neither is she going to appoint herself, not that she wouldn’t love the job. It’s because her going to Washington would make all the wrong people happy. She’ll stay and fight them out of spite, and good for her.

The whole idea of a place holder is ridiculous. What kind of influence would the candidate have if the rest of the senate knew his time was limited? And why should he knock himeself out and put his career on hold for a two year term? Some people (dims) will always try to limit the power of republicans and it is Haley’s right to appoint whoever she wants. Is there ever an outcry for dim governors to select place holders? Heavens no. Once a dim gets into office, they usually leave feet first.