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Melt the lines, it will make you feel better

Melt the lines, it will make you feel better

From Patricia, who along with the rest of us has been feeling a little gloomy:

You are sizzlin’, Prof! You have indeed upped your game. Liken it.

Just sent this to my congressman, Reid Ribble

Republican House better not abandon 59,142,004 voters

Contact the House leadership and your Representative.  Send them the link, and/or your own polite but forceful thoughts.

You can find your Representative’s contact information here.  Phone numbers here.

Here are the top 3 in the leadership:

Speaker of the House

Speaker Boehner

Rep. John Boehner

Contact Form
[email protected]
P: (202) 225-0600

Majority Leader

Majority Leader Cantor 

Rep. Eric Cantor

Contact Form
P: (202) 225-2815

Majority Whip


Rep. Kevin McCarthy

Contact Form
P: (202) 225-2915


Donations tax deductible
to the full extent allowed by law.


Yeah, well, MY “line” is back in hiding at the Mayo Clinic.


Everybody else, fire up those lines!

Sent the following to them. Thanks for the links.

The GOP must not cave in on this. We do not have a revenue deficit. We have a spending problem. The national GOP leadership has done much to foster cynicism and discouragement within the ranks of the average member. Budging an inch to accommodate the Democrats and the President will only drive once loyal members away. This is disastrous to our nation, our party, and our future. Stand firm.

I like your “broadcast alert” idea. You make a good community organiser, Prof.