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It worked

It worked

I’m overwhelmed.

I can’t zero in on any one bumper sticker.

It worked.

From Jon, taken at the Perimeter Mall in Atlanta/Dunwoody, Georgia, with images of the other sides of the vehicle to follow:

Here is a mini-van tesselated with bumper stickers.

Methinks these stickers may be serving a functional purpose, not just opinion.

One, no one can have that many opinions. Two, check out the condition of the paint at the edge of the roof.

Sharp looking lady who was almost certainly an Obama voter was walking into the mall as I was heading out (with son’s birthday cookie cake in one hand), snapping some supplemental photos. She, too, got a real chuckle out of the van, and my observation that it must be cheap substitute for a paint job, as no one could have that many opinions – to which I hastily added, “at least, that’s what I think.” And, she got the joke.

Bumper Stickers - GA - Covered Car


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DINORightMarie | December 20, 2012 at 8:03 am

Looks like the same opinion over and over. O.o

And a hippie version of “art.”

Umm Jon, gee gosh, but uhh do ya’ think you can find that “Sharp looking lady” again and ohh, snap a pic?

Umm, Jon, forgot, don’t really care who/whom (pick one) she voted for, either..

Forget the Bondo. Bumper to bumper “isms” will do.

My family tree is full of nuts

At least they’re honest.

The Fender Sticker that gave me a chuckle was…

Humpty-Dumpty Was PUSHED

I was already in a good mood after watching the CNN video on NewsBusters this morning showing Piers Morgan in a total gun grabbing meltdown as guest Larry Pratt, the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America handed Morgan his Neville Chamberlain Butt.

Poor Morgan went whining on Twitter after the airing… I think his feelings were butt-hurt or something having his Progressive echo-chamber bubble burst to smithereens by -gasp- facts.

Great idea. A contest to see who can come up with the greatest number of idiocies, all together in one place.

Winner get a congressional seat…..