Bob Costas’ commentary on the murder-suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs player Jevon Belcher is receiving a lot of attention.

I understand the points, via Ed Morrissey,  that people don’t tune in to a football game for gun control proselytizing, and that Costas focused on the gun control issue rather than the core issue of domestic violence.

If Jevon Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.

Is it true, though, that if Belcher did not have a gun they both would be alive?

If he so wanted to hurt his girlfriend — the domestic violence point — couldn’t and wouldn’t he have stabbed her or killed her in the many ways of domestic violence?  Use of a knife rather than a gun would not have saved her, although it would have made it more difficult to commit the suicide part of the murder-suicide.

Or maybe he would have used other means, “Bow and Arrow” used in WY campus murder/suicide:

A man killed a woman near a community college in Casper, Wyoming, before killing a male teacher and himself in front of a class full of students, according to police.

The ABC news affiliate in Casper reports that police say the attack at Casper College occurred while class was in session.

“What we can find is that the individual that committed the violent acts was not a student at the college, but that there was a known relationship between [the victims],” said Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh at a press conference on Friday afternoon.

The Police Chief later clarified that all three had known each other. Police say the killer was not a current student at Casper College. Walsh could not confirm that the suspect was a former student, either. Walsh added that there were no records that could have tipped off authorities to any kind of threat. Walsh said no firearms were used during the homicides, and rather said that “edged weapons” were involved.

However, multiple students told K2 News that some kind of a bow-and-arrow weapon was used.

Isn’t it really the domestic violence? Sometimes it doesn’t take a gun or a knife:

Police say Clayton Whittemore, a New York college student accused of killing his girlfriend, told them he “just snapped” and killed Alexandra Kogut with his fists and a curling iron while visiting her college dorm last month.

A Monroe County Sheriff’s Office report released Wednesday says Whittemore, 21, detailed the killing to an officer on Sept. 29, after his arrest earlier that day.

According to the report, Whittemore said he and 18-year-old Kogut got into a shoving match while arguing over “stupid stuff” in her room at the State University of New York College at Brockport. According to CBS affiliate WROC, Whittemore said Kogut was continuously rude to him earlier while they were at a friend’s house.

After the fight turned physical, Whittemore said he snapped and started to hit her “over and over with my fists,” WROC reports. He told the officer Kogut began to have breathing problems, so he began hitting her with a curling iron.

“I didn’t want the girl I loved to suffer, so I started beating her with the curling iron until the noise stopped,” Whittemore reportedly said.

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