A follow up to Hopeless in Rhode Island.

Boston talk radio host Michael Graham writes, DON’T Run, Scott, Don’t Run!

Actually, I have no problem with Scott Brown running in the special election we all expect to have in a few months after John Kerry becomes Secretary of State (could he do any WORSE than Hillary’s done?).

Sure, Scott—run! Have fun! Spend another 18 months or so as a US Senator. Polls show you’d be a very strong candidate in a special election….


Because Sen. Brown will not be able to hold the seat in a regularly scheduled election. Not gonna happen. How do I know? Because since 2000, only one federal or statewide Republican has won a special election. ONE. And that was the “fluke” election of Mitt Romney, a guy who couldn’t get 40% of the vote here running for president.

Republicans look at Scott Brown’s high approval rating and say “He’s a winner!” Have they forgotten that Sen. Brown had high approval ratings in November when he got crushed by amateur/first-time candidate/serial liar Liz Warren?

Massachusetts voters told pollsters again and again: “I like Sen. Brown, he’s doing a good job, he really is an independent voice…and I’m voting for the Democrat!” Why? Because this is Massachusetts, and Massachusetts doesn’t elect Republicans.

But Obama won’t be at the top of the ticket in 2014, Michael! You’re right—have you forgotten 2010? No Obama, huge GOP tidal wave, great candidates like Charlie Baker and Mary Connaughton…and Republicans lost EVERY FEDERAL AND STATEWIDE ELECTION.

I’m not trying to be mean, I’m not trying to be negative. I’m simply pointing out what should be screamingly, ridiculously obvious: Massachusetts doesn’t elect Republicans. Period….

Sen. Brown is such a good candidate (and great guy) that he might—MIGHT—be able to survive in a special election. But the GOP just spent $65,000 a day holding a US Senate seat for less than two years. Is it worth it to do it again?

I say … um, …, yes, maybe probably who knows.

I can’t see 18 months ahead.  It’s possible I can see June, although I could be convinced otherwise.