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Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, R.I.P.

Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, R.I.P.

Just breaking:

The Associated Press is reporting that retired General Norman Schwarzkopf has died. He was 78.

Schwarzkopf served as the commander of coalition forces during the Persian Gulf War in 1990. His strategy of using a “left hook” to go behind Iraqi forces occupying Kuwait was widely credited with bringing the ground war to a close in just four days.

He gave frequent news conferences during the war and was dubbed “Stormin’ Norman” for his notorious temper.

He retired from active service in 1991 and served as a military analyst for NBC news during Operation Iraqi Freedom.


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Thank you for your service, General. No one better embodied “the American people in their righteous might” than you did. Godspeed on the longest journey.

An extended interview with Schwarzkopf is here.

Far too often these days the word “hero” is misused. Norman Schwarzkopf was a genuine American hero who devoted his life to serving our country.

thank you for your service general, may you rest in peace

Rest in peace, General.

Godspeed, General.

What a remarkable man. What a remarkable General.

If you haven’t read his memoirs, now would be a good time.

As a former military men, I can tell you that most Generals are political, snobby and egotistical. General Schwartzkopf was one of the few left who understood Sun Tzu’s precepts. The acumen of a General is not if he can fight and win, but if he can achieve victory without fighting at all. It’s called the 100 hour war for a reason. God bless him, and all I can say is rest in peace.

Doubt the ‘One’ will order flags at half-mast, but good sir, some of us will still remember we should be doing this.

and let’s hope the One doesn’t feel compelled to give your euolgy. He has a striking habit of making it about himself. Can some how imagine him saying Stormin’s service eventually forced O to walk a road which led to him writing the final chapter when he took out OBL.

never let a eulogy go to waste….not when there’s credit and alcolades to grab.

    turfmann in reply to DocWahala. | December 27, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    Of course he won’t.

    It doesn’t serve his political agenda.

    And the General was a military man, to boot.

    (I’ll stop now as my seething loathing of our “president” knows no bounds)

It is essential for the modern left to politicize the military. They need to be sure that in case of massive civil disobedience the military will be willing to use deadly force against their fellow Americans.

Schwarzkopf out shined Colin Powell in every way. A brilliant strategist and a soldier’s general!

He will be missed…

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