Below are links to two articles and brief excerpts from them that are on theme with the direction the blog has gone today. Click on the links to find the full articles, they are worth the read.

Are gun control advocates losing control of the gun control narrative? Kurt Schlichter at Townhall argues that, yes, they are. (h/t MaggotAtBroadAndWall in the Tip Line)

We lawyers always say that when your case is strong, pound on the law and the evidence, and when your case is weak, pound on the table. The furniture is splintering in Liberalland.

Their post-Newtown strategy was always to prevent an effective response from the pro-gun freedom side by both rapid action and by demonization. But the holidays and the kabuki theater that is the fiscal cliff drama meant that legislative action, their Holy Grail, would have to wait. That gave people time to think and the gun freedom side the time to react.

Demonizing those who support gun freedom was always intended as a weapon to silence them. It was also critical that we, law-abiding gun owners, become the Other. By dehumanizing us and painting us as evil, it is that much easier to strip us of our rights.

But gun freedom advocates fought back. Using the mainstream media, conservative media and especially social media – we need to understand its huge significance here — gun freedom advocates countered liberals’ bogus “facts.”

-When it’s David Gregory, it’s a waste of resources for D.C. Police to investigate. When it’s one of our servicemen on leave from Afghanistan, it’s adhering to protocol. Via The Washington Times (h/t lpx in the Tip Line)

The District grabbed the guns belonging to 1st Lt. Augustine Kim and won’t give them back. Two years ago, the South Carolina Army national guardsman had been injured on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan. Now he’s fighting to restore his constitutional rights.

Before deploying overseas, the soldier drove his collection – which included an AR-15, a Beretta 9mm and several .45 caliber pistols – to his parents’ house in New Jersey for safe storage. Upon his return to the states and recovery, Lt. Kim wanted to bring his weapons back to his home in Charleston. On the way, he stopped at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Northwest Washington for a doctor’s appointment. That’s when his troubles started.