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Cory Booker decides not to challenge Christie in 2014

Cory Booker decides not to challenge Christie in 2014

Can you blame him?

From NBC news (h/t Hot Air):

Newark Mayor Cory Booker says he will not challenge New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in next year’s gubernatorial race and will instead explore a run for U.S. Senate in 2014.

Booker, in a video posted to his YouTube page Thursday, said he would finish his term as mayor and “explore the possibility of running for the United States Senate in 2014.”

NBC 4 New York was first to report the decision Thursday.

Booker says he will consult with Democrat Frank Lautenberg, the 88-year-old senator whose term is up in 2014 and is the oldest serving senator.

“It would be a privilege, an honor, to continue his legacy of service,” Booker said.

Booker’s decision not to challenge Christie comes as the Republican incumbent enjoys record-high approval ratings in polls taken since Sandy hit the Garden State.

Many Democrats considered Booker, the two-term mayor of Newark, to be their best chance to take on the popular Christie.

Earlier today, Booker sent out this tweet:

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While I generally agree with the tweet, I have a feeling that the popularity currently being enjoyed by a certain New Jersey resident might have nudged him in the direction of the U.S. Senate.


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Wow, Chris – not only did you get to talk to The Boss (sob!), now Booker is afraid to run against you.

Who says that stabbing your party in the back can’t work for you?

Cory Booker is a hero, not a coward, as he saved a person from a burning building. I don’t agree with the assessment that he backed away from the governor’s race because of Christie’s popularity. Your feeling in this regard may be biased a tad by most politicians penchant for cowering, but I feel is not applicable in this case.

That being said, I don’t much agree with Mr. Booker’s walkback of earlier statements either. Something tells me that there is a fundamental dichotomy of character in anyone seeking public office these days. Perhaps in the final assessment, you may turn out to be right. I for one am willing to give this particular mayor the benefit of the doubt on this particular case though.

Kris Kristiekreme would be wise not to try any runs for higher office. He might find a reception not too far removed than the one “Sorry Charlie” Crist got.

huskers-for-palin | December 20, 2012 at 4:34 pm

Run for Senate in 14….run for POTUS in 16

Hmmmmm….wonder who else has done that?

    You know it!

    Early indicators are saying that Christie is favored for reelection. Democrats aiming for the Presidency tend to like the Senate, and that rank-and-file Democrats like Senators for their Presidential candidates. So it makes more sense for Booker to run for the Senate, especially so if he has Presidential ambitions.

    The Democrats think they have a winning formula in Obama. Get a celebrity-like persona elected to the Senate, then run for President in the first term before too many hard and controversial votes can be mined by the Republicans to bar said person from the White House. Plus, after Obama, the Democrats will never run two white male politicians on the Presidential ticket, since they’ve given themselves over completely to identity and grievance politics.

We’re overthinking Booker. He’s already reserved internet domains for a presidential run and he knows he cannot make the grand leap from mayor to the WH, so he needs an interim post, either a governorship or a senate seat. Now the overthinking part – you pick a seat as senator in this scenario because, unlike governors, senators don’t have to actually do anything. You don’t even have to risk voting on legislation. Why, I even heard a rumor that you can march from local office, through the senate, and on to the WH while voting ‘present’ – and you don’t even have to be present!