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But then what would we talk about?

But then what would we talk about?

From Linda in Tennessee,

Academy sports, parking lot, Franklin tn


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Franklin Tennessee, a great place! I know some Americans who live there.

I think it was Thomas Sowell who observed that Leftists have to exist in a state of continual dyspepsia. You create a crisis, and then you let no crisis go to waste.

Well… we could talk about a Global Whining Tax.

Well, since I consider fishing to be something akin to a total waste of time, I’ll go on whining!

Whining about how the globalists use fear, threats and the exercise of control to get their way even though the real science does not support them.

Whine on!!!

“But then what would we talk about?”

I know some liberal arts professors that would be out of jobs

It is sometimes amusing that anyone would think that humans have any control over nature. You would think after Sandy hit NY and NJ that idea would be deadin the water. Does anyone think that if we had limited our CO2 (the very air we breathe out, any difference would have been made in force of this hurricaine or the damage it did? This whole global warming…global cooling…climate change…climate is not weather crap is a scam to exhort money from the gullible populace through taxes. But we will always have the gullible to buy into con games. Common sense would tell you this is ridiculous but a heck of a lot of people have no common sense.