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Benghazi ball keeps on bouncing

Benghazi ball keeps on bouncing

Via Fox News:

A top State Department official acknowledged Thursday that cables warning of serious security concerns at the U.S. compound in Benghazi went to department headquarters – and possibly to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s office – in the months leading up to the deadly Sept. 11 attack.

Deputy Secretary of State Williams Burns, testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the cables “would have been reviewed up through the assistant secretary level, and it may be that some of my colleagues on the seventh floor saw them as well.” The seventh floor refers to Clinton’s office.

Further, Burns confirmed “there were certainly memos” that came to Clinton’s office describing some of the dozens of security incidents in the region before the attack that claimed four American lives.

The confirmation Thursday comes after Fox News first reported in October on one cable addressed to Clinton’s office said the U.S. Mission in Benghazi convened an “emergency meeting” less than a month before the attack because Al Qaeda had training camps in Benghazi and the consulate could not defend against a “coordinated attack.”

Fox News has since learned that Ambassador Chris Stevens sent at least 15 classified cables to the State Department between November 2011 and Sept. 11, 2012, warning that security conditions were unraveling, and there was growing evidence the Libyan brigade charged with protecting the consulate had been infiltrated.

Clinton will apparently finally testify before Congress in mid-January. Hopefully her testimony might provide some semblance of an answer to the nagging questions which have lingered in the months after the Benghazi attack.

Many have been quick to explain away the faulty security measures in Benghazi as a product of a lack of funding, but it’s just not that simple.

In particular, I’d like to see Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) ask Clinton a similar series of questions to those he previously asked a lower level state department official.

“This is not about the money,” Corker said at the hearing, the first since a report was released finding “systemic failures” at the department before the attack. “I want to know why you did not ask for the resources in Benghazi. You were aware of the security issues there. We’ve read the cables.”

He added, “If you had safety concerns, why didn’t you ask for money?”

Then again, the Clintons have a knack for getting out of tough questions. What is the definition of “is,” again?


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Poor Hillary … recuperating from a concussed head:)! Maybe I’ll send her a get-well package of bonbons and pork rinds. Just hope that any investigators of this clusterf$%k stay away from Fort Marcy Park.

The whole problem with Benghazi it the apparent fact that the “consulate” was a cover for a gun running operation and as such, those attached were legitimate targets.

Clearly, we are no longer capable of running such operations and the administration’s attempts to deflect and otherwise disguise what has been exposed by the media are embarrassing to say the least.

When intelligence operations are outed the usual policy is to admit it and move on.

I guess that one could state is that this administration is simply not smart enough to realize that it is not smart enough…

BannedbytheGuardian | December 21, 2012 at 4:50 pm

I very much doubt Hillary had much control over what was only a fake consulate. She did have the responsibility for 2 staff Stevens & Smith but who sent them to Benghazi on a Sept 11?

Reports have Benghazi as the home /departure point for the highest % of anti American foreign fighters in Itaq. It is not a holiday town.

There was no US flag flying , no visa issuing – nothing like the consulate I visited for my visa where Hillary’s photo greeted you after emerging from several security barriers. Also the interviewing staff were behind secure bars,

I have been to an embassy also & got greeted by a marine with a machine gun- it was quite something,

Bitterlyclinging | December 21, 2012 at 8:32 pm

Hillary’s extended concussion convalescence probably consists of numerous visits with therapists of the caliber of Richard Ben Veniste, one of ‘Slick Willie’s’ counselors during the Monica Lewinsky ‘Bimbo Eruption’ and sequelae as well as Mr Clinton’s representative on the 9/11 Investigation Commission, strategically placed there to protect Mr Clinton’s Legacy and reputation.
Ms Clinton is on the horns of a dilemna, “Should I remain a loyal Democrat and fall on my sword to protect Barack Obama while simultaneously torpedoing any and all of my 2016 aspirations, or should I safeguard 2016 by ratting out Barack Obama’s complete dereliction of his duties and obligations as president of the United States?”
Its interesting looking at the individuals who have agreed to serve the Obama presidency and have ended up being destroyed in the process of rendering their service.
It opens the playing field up to a Barack Obama argument later in his term that the Democratic Party contains few, if any, individuals qualified enough to carry the baton he will pass on, other than him.
My! My! My! How intriguing a prospect. Seeking an unconstitutional third term for Barry or will it be a straight shot at president for life Barack Obama? What could be a more fitting pursuit for the Supreme Narcissist?

The White House approach from September 12, 2012 to this day has been a political shell game, from blatantly trying to gain faux anti-islamophobia race card first amendment stomping political capital to running from the truth.

The Liberal media has been behind this Obama circus animal parade all the way sweeping up the political Obama-droppings as it goes.

They know we know.

Lack of pride and self-respect must be at a liberal high water mark because it is way past White House/Liberal Media BS flood stage.