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And eventually they destroy themselves

And eventually they destroy themselves

People just don’t get that.

From J, taken in Charlottesville, VA:

Bumper Sticker - Charlottesville VA - entitlements


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The ability to exercise personal initiative is the ultimate safety net … for it enables one to prepare for, and work around, the errors, mendacity, and greed of others, as well as provide for others when they can’t help themselves in timely, effective, and sustainable ways.

It is also the ace-in-the-hole of American productivity and prosperity … the not-so-secret sauce that keeps us competitive with the worker-bee/authoritarian societies in other parts of the world.

The fundamental problem we have in this nation, is the encouraged outsourcing of that personal initiative to an elite few at the top … encouraged by that same elite few … thinking that we CAN’T get ahead without their intervention to solve our problems FOR us.

That outsourcing is what has put our nation in the peril it is in today. Virtually all our other problems are symptoms of it.

That is what needs to change … and to change it is the message conservatives need to carry back to our neighbors.

Obama plays Santa every day … till bond holders decide our money is no good. If you are a good boy or girl, Obama is the Grinch … stealing your kid’s future for a pocket full of promises. Entitlements don’t exactly destroy initiative, they redirect it toward “social justice” activism.

The rage in union demonstrations in Wisconsin and Michigan was fueled by entitlement initiative. High pay and low responsibility, but you must pay the union piper. Union thugs took the initiative to tear down the Tea Party tent, to attack Crowder, to march for special treatment.

Producers that build and grow are demonized and punished in Obamaland, for wanting to keep more than half of what they earn. The Tea Party (the two thirds of America that wants lower taxes, less government) wants to take our country back, from the government bureaucracy. Drunk driver Sam Donaldson finds that despicable … saying: “It’s our country now”.


I get to see it up-close on Fridays in a little ‘hood that is the Poster Child Exhibit ‘A’ for 50-years of Great Society carnage. Guess who they voted for,’Yo.

The vehicle owner must live in a neighboring area. No respectable Charlottesville resident would hold this sensible view. Remember, UVA is in Charlottesville.