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5 hours and 15 minutes

5 hours and 15 minutes

from Eureka Springs, Arkansas, to Hope. Arkansas.

Yet if this shop owner is any indication, it’s a world away from the days of the Man from Hope.

From reader MK Reagan, in August:

Eureka Springs, AR is kind of a hippie town, but these T shirts were prominently displayed on the street today.

Love the blog!


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Off topic, but our Prof. is quoted rather extensively in an article at American Thinker:

If I could figure out how to use the #@&*&&$#@ tip line thing, I would have.

I’ll take one each of the tees on the left…

Eureka Springs, old town built on an Ozark hillside, is a lovely palce to visit–especially in October/Fall Colors. Thormcrown Chapel, designed by the great Faye Jones, is Magical.

Hope springs eternal apart from an Obamacentric world where “Eureka!” becomes “Egads!”

The coda to that t-shirt?

Please don’t ever die, Kevin Bacon.