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World is burning as Vice President Biden takes up sitcom acting

World is burning as Vice President Biden takes up sitcom acting

Curious what Vice President Joe Biden’s been up to, former chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, as we head toward the fiscal cliff, the situation in Israel is escalating, and the Benghazi terrorist attack remains unaddressed?

He’s acting on an NBC show “Parks and Recreation,” where, in a scene with Amy Poehler, they make light of the replacement of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State:

The episode, which aired Thursday evening, was the opening of the series for the season.

Have we become a nation so enamored of Hollywood that this takes the place of leadership? Only this administration would approve of their vice president appearing in a sitcom making light of the secretary of state position, in fact using it as a prop for a joke in a sitcom.

Which proves that this administration is itself a joke.


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Just read an extremely interesting article on the WSJ website.

How Free Speech Died on Campus
A young activist describes how universities became the most authoritarian institutions in America.


The article takes on Fordham University, where President Joseph McShane scolded College Republicans for the sin of inviting Ann Coulter to speak.

Perhaps Sihrab Ahmari would be a good associate guest writer at LI/CI.

Top-Down, Liberals use pop culture venues to spread their faces, voices & lies more prominently. It’s free face time for seducing the masses.

We’ve come such a long way since our Vice-President rightly criticized Murphy Brown for presenting out-of-wedlock pregnancy as a lifestyle choice. (sarc)

20 years down the road, I think his point is well-taken….

Looks like somebody just told “Grins” Biden that Scranton unemployment went up again.

Biden will probably be given an Emmy for Best Supporting Doofus.

They sent in the clowns!

NBC? Does it still broadcast shows?

Catering to the lowest denominator.

Rome burned while Nero fiddled, as the popular myth goes. See any resemblence?

I hope Biden & Hillary run against each other in the 2016 primary.

Any other suggestions for Liberal nominees?

Susan Rice, perhaps?

Elizabeth Warren?

How about Al Franken?

Which proves that this administration is itself a joke.

Foolish names and foolish faces oft are seen in foolish places.

~ old folk saying

Crazy Uncle in the Attic Biden is a ‘NATURAL Born Comic Foil’,’Yo. Are we not Blessed, America?

Meanwhile, back at that serious-steady White House, the newly re-anointed Infantile Majesty met with Revrund Tawana Sharpton & other civil rights mavens to discus and get In-Put on the Fiscal Cliff. The Boy King was heard leading the Campaign Slogan chant,”FOORRRWWWAAAAARRRRRRDDDDDD..!!”

Cannot, simply CANNOT make this fecal matter up.

Nothing will surprise me from this Administration. Not when speeches are a substitute for action and lies are spun into factual gold by the WH weavers.

Cast of characters:
Biden as the Scarecrow in Wizard of OZ
Obama a composite of Carson’s El Mouldo and Art Fern

All they need is an empty tophat for Obama, a robe for authenticity and a map illustrating the location of the fampus Slauson Cutoff.

Think positive. At least we now know the last day of the Obama Presidency. 1500 more days until the national horror show is over.

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“Curious what Vice President Joe Biden’s been up to?”

Ummmmm – no.