Events will move quickly tonight.

On the presidential level, we will get a sense of where things are headed when the polls close in Virginia and Florida at 7 p.m. Eastern (8 in the Pandhandle), Ohio and North Carolina at 7:30, and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin at 8.  (Closing times in all states are available at Ballotpedia.)  It could be a late night, but my hunch is it will not be.

Of interest also will be Indiana which closes at 6 p.m. Eastern.  While Romney is all but guaranteed to win, we’ll see how the Senate race plays out between Richard Mourdock and Joe Donnelly.  If Mourdock finishes strong despite the recent controversy, it will be a good sign for taking back the Senate and an indicator of a motivated Republican base since Lugar supporters are working against Mourdock.

I’m making no predictions.  As I have said many times, the polls and the predictions mean nothing in terms of what we need to do. Whether we are ahead in the polls or behind, we need to get our vote out.

If you have not voted, do so this morning.  If you know Romney supporters who has not voted, get them to the polls even if you have to drive them.  If you have time today, phone bank (links here).

Voters in solid red states still need to vote, since down ballot races are important.  Also, we need as large a nationwide absolute vote for Romney as possible — if he wins to protect against the inevitable attempt to delegitimize the victory or if he loses to prevent claims of another Obama mandate.

Leave nothing on the table.  Win or lose, no regrets.

Update:  I agree with this sentiment, Crush Them! (I added the !)

It’s not enough for the GOP to win [today]. It needs to win big, a win so convincing that even the Left won’t be able to explain it away.

And this from Rob Eno at Red Mass Group: “Fight like you’re the third monkey at Noah’s Ark”.