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Which one?

Which one?

Aren’t they all religious symbols?

From Eric:

Spotted this creepy version of the co-exist sticker while riding passenger with a friend today (11/19) in Eugene Oregon.

One of these symbols is not like the others.


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NO! “Resist we much…!!!”

They are all symbols of a religion. Some newer than others.

Who put in the cult symbol?


What a way to start Monday morning.

Meh, again!

I see the Imperial Cult of Emperor Worship is in vogue again.

At least one of them worships a Living God. Last time I saw women weeping in excitement at the touch of their political leader was 1930s Germany… Sigh – I guess some things never will change.

Oh, but it is like the others. It has hymns that children sing. The focus of adoration wears a halo. He’s healing the planet and causing the oceans to stop rising. His origins are shrouded in mist. Saying bad things about him is blasphemy and it will not be permitted. Other religions must abandon their rules because his rules are transcendent.