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What is at stake

What is at stake

Called Conservatism is Calling.

You could call it the Closing Argument:

Remember this from 2010:


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Jack The Ripper | November 5, 2012 at 4:12 pm

I should have added Nancy Pelosi alongside Gloria Allred in my reply to Ragspierre on the Biden calling opponents liars piece below.

“Closing arguments” are aimed to woo “undecided” voters, no?

Is it even plausible that anyone that voted for McCain in the last cycle that suddenly finds the prospect of voting for Obama this time a 50/50 proposition?

I suspect “undecided voters”, as the pundits refer to, are in fact waffling Obama voters.

    ALman in reply to Browndog. | November 5, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    Point very well made. I suspect that, in part, “waffling Obama voters” might be willing to switch, but don’t know how to handle the guilt of doing so. After all, their original vote in 2008 was probably done with a great deal of pride and conviction. I think that this has not been adequately addressed by the opposition movement to Obama.

    The vids are simply outstanding!

Alright everyone the morrow comes. Let’s go get these guys. It’ll be a landslide. Then we must buckle down and repeal acts, replace people, and reduce beauracracy. A deaf ear to the howls must be maintained. The media burned down what credit and power they had anyway so into the breach!

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The parallels of this election to the pre-Civil War election of Lincoln are frightening. The politics at that time were just as reprehensible as the politics of today. I do not see literal bloodshed in the coming years, but there will be figurative bloodshed, and the Tea Party and those who believe in our Founders’ vision of the Constitution need to understand this and be prepared to fight. This “war” we are engaged in has only just begun. The Tea Party is not a standing army, for just like the Civil War, it is militias which need to stand up, volunteer, and fight. The true abolutionists in this country are the Tea Party. The true believers in our Constitution are the Tea Party. I’ve been an Independent my entire voting lifetime. However, I recocgnize that there is a huge fight ahead, and tonight have decided to join the Tea Party. Even if you do not join them, support them. There will be lots of figurative “casualties” in this war, but sometimes this is the price of freedom. I faught in Nam, and by God I am willing to take on this fight.

    aGrimm in reply to aGrimm. | November 6, 2012 at 2:04 am

    My bad: I meant to say the American Revolution army was militias. However, it is noted that the Union and Confederate Armies were comprised principally of draftees and volunteers associated with State militias.

Tommorrow is here, mount up! Garry Owen!

“America Rising”. Powerful stuff. I saw this last year.