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Weak Horse, the movie

Weak Horse, the movie

If you had any doubt who is the weak horse, witness the change in the story line of the just released remake of Red Dawn, as described by Sonny Bunch in The Washington Free Beacon:

Sometime between the start of production and the remake’s release, which was delayed due to the production studio’s bankruptcy, the villains changed nationality. No longer would the invading Communist horde originate from China, which has the largest military in the world, a sophisticated cyber warfare department, and is widely recognized as a strategic competitor of the United States.

The American West Coast was now to be invaded and occupied indefinitely by North Korea, the starvation-prone Hermit Kingdom that can barely keep the lights on in Pyongyang and has trouble launching missiles.

By sharp contrast, the Strong Horse feels no need to be shy:


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This should surprise nobody.

1. Obama has pivoted to the Pacific.

2. Hollywood typically refuses to recognize our true enemies (since WWII).

3. Creative writers could not contrive enough oil men to pull of an invasion (though we might learn they were behind the whole thing).

4. How big is the Nork voting block in the US?

I agree it is pretty silly to make the invading forces Norks and it was done for political reasons but how much more realistic would have the Chinese been? Do they have the logistical capabilities to move a larger enough force as well as keep it sufficiently supplied to give it a chance at success?

    SeanInLI in reply to ars21689. | November 25, 2012 at 7:15 pm

    China is going to be hard pressed to mount an invasion of Taiwan, let alone the United States.

    The original Red Dawn was also quite infeasible, especially looking back through history and seeing how weak and unstable the USSR was at the time. They couldn’t win in Afghanistan, a tiny nation that they had a land route to.

    But using the North Koreans was just moronic. If you had to really envision something like this in this day and age, Central American narco-terrorists taking over part of the country could be possible, especially if they got back-channel support from certain Islamic regimes. That’s about it.

    But that would be making Hispanics and Muslims the bad guys. No can do.

      Crawford in reply to SeanInLI. | November 25, 2012 at 10:27 pm

      The original Red Dawn had Soviets present only in an advisory role. The actual invaders were from Central America.

      The only fantastic part was the invaders coming into the US wearing uniforms and in broad daylight.

        SeanInLI in reply to Crawford. | November 26, 2012 at 12:20 pm

        “The original Red Dawn had Soviets present only in an advisory role. The actual invaders were from Central America.”

        It may have been a while since you watched Red Dawn, but the Soviets (according to what was recounted to the group by Air Force Colonel Andy Tanner):
        – Nuked the US
        – reinforced the Central Americans with “60 Divisions”
        – sent three whole Army Groups across the Bearing Sea.
        – conquered and occupied the remaining non-Soviet parts of Europe, with the exception Great Britain.

        That’s not an “advisory role”. Calument was occupied primarily by Central Americans, but the Soviets were the ones who were the main aggressors.

The strong horse just took a dump in the living room and Obama raised it.

Give Hollywood a few more years and the invading hordes will be tea partiers from Red America.

I kinda recall when this happened -the piano recital – and all the apologists were saying, O you know, it’s just a nice melody,it didn’t mean anything politically, relax, paranoid teebaggers.

Yeah, can you imagine a concert for Israeli diplomats where they played music from “Triumph of the Will”? Or received the PM of Gambia with a lovely bit of instrumental Americana that just happened to be “Massa’s In De Cold Cold Ground”?