Unfortunately, I have not been able to devote time to the latest hub-bub about Mitt Romney telling donors that free stuff for certain groups lost him the election.

That’s an oversimplification, there were a variety of factors, but who can deny that free stuff was part of it?

I’d write it up, but John Nolte at Breitbart.com, responding to a Joe Scarborough column, does it for me:

In the statement in question, Romney mentioned the fact that free health through ObamaCare and the granting of amnesty would woo lower-income Hispanics.

How is that not true?

When Obama granted that amnesty in the heat of the 2012 campaign, the same media beating Romney up today for his “gift” comments, breathlessly informed all of us that this amnesty move would help Obama with the Hispanic vote.

Moreover, Romney also said what the media did about the effect of ObamaCare on students; that being able to legally leach off mommy and daddy’s health insurance well into their twenties was a huge incentive to come out and vote for Obama and ObamaCare.

Sounds like everyone’s attacking Romney for agreeing with the media, the Democrats, and reality.

Republicans now are falling all over themselves to “distance” themselves from Romney’s statements.  To a limited extent, I agree.  Romney’s time to make headlines passed Election night.  Whatever our fortunes will be, they should not be driven by recorded conversations with campaign donors from the last election cycle.

While it may not be politically helpful right now to point out the obvious, going to the other extreme and denying the truth will be even more damaging.  Some Republicans are rushing headlong into disastrous immigration and other policies without taking a deep breath and thinking it through.

This Brit Hume tweet makes a valid point.

A lot of Republicans need to be hosed down at this point.  Lying to ourselves is not the path to victory. We can’t out liberal liberals. And even if we could, why bother?