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“We Will Fight On The Campuses” week at College Insurrection

“We Will Fight On The Campuses” week at College Insurrection

In case you missed it.

The Election War is being fought on college campuses:

While the Culture War of Attrition goes on:


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There are choices. Some colleges do strive for more than debauchery. Check out the notices in the dorm restrooms. My daughter attended a small college associated with a mainline Protestant denomination. Signs in the mens restroom encouraged the young men to remember that masturbating in the showers was not cool, as was abandoning passed-out drunk friends. Of course, if you’ve been drinking with a friend who is now passed out drunk, how likely are you to have the good sense to stay with your friend? Bad company can corrupt good morals.

Do you want your children going to a college where the bulletin board in the woman’s dorm are for knitting circles and prayer groups, or for date-rape prevention and suicide intervention?

And remember this, dear student, if you are paying out of state tuition, you are not a resident of that state. So do not vote on local issues that involve local taxes and bonds that you will not be around to pay and do not vote on local candidates to represent you because you are not going to be around to be represented.

Something I found out recently from a mother with a son in college, is that now if you borrow for student loans, the interest begins accruing as soon as you access the money. When my kids borrowed money just five years ago or so, the interest began accruing six months after they graduated. Real change that we can all believe in!!!