I was a student in Moscow when the Miracle on Ice took place.

The stats were all on the Soviet’s side.  They had the more professional operation.  They were more seasoned and organized.  Statistically, the Soviets had at least an 87% likelihood of winning.

But we had motivation.

I didn’t see it live, but I heard about it pretty quickly.  I didn’t believe it at first.  It was impossible to believe.

The Soviets I met were very respectful and courteous over their loss. They congratulated me on how well our “youth” had done.

Jimmy Carter was president. We were in a deep malaise. The Soviets had just invaded Afghanistan. Our diplomats were held hostage. The view from the 14th floor on Ulitza Volgina was dim.

I’ll never forget the feeling of that victory. It’s the feeling I want to have Tuesday tonight.

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