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U.N. non-member status for, um, what exactly?

U.N. non-member status for, um, what exactly?

Around 5 p.m. today the U.N. General Assembly will vote to grant “Palestine” non-member status.

For what is the General Assembly voting?

Definitely not for a state. “Palestine” clearly does not qualify.

Definitely not for a government.  Who controls?  Hamas? Iran? Islamic Jihad? Mahmoud Abbas?

Definitely not for peace.  “Palestinians” do not accept Israel as a Jewish state, although there are many Islamic states around its borders and beyond.

The U.N. vote is just another stage in the war.


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Now the Arab League will have to moderate between warring Hamas and PLO types over who gets to be the “Palestine” representative. Will actual shooting break out?

Mostly, the question concerns who gets to spend the Saudi donations at New York restaurants.

The UN is a clear and present danger to US interests, and has been for a loooooonnnnnng time.

Get US out, and get THEM out.

…and the war is coming.

The simple act of Israel taking out Iran’s nuclear capability just might do the trick and we’ll be in it up to our necks.

Add to this mix the incompetence of the current administration and any rational person will draw the conclusion that the time has come to stock up on vittles.

The longer the impasse drags on, the worse will be the consequences..

I hope granting “non-member status” to this non-state only means that they receive a subscription to the UN Weekly magazine.

Rescind Oslo accords as this move clearly violates them. Shut off the power. Close the borders. Proceed from there.