Thanks for your comments on blog format for Election Day.

You came down pretty much were I was — not thrilled with those “live blog” formats like CoverIt Live (which has priced me out of contention).  There are alternatives, but I think I have something better.

We will have an embedded Twitter feed based on those in my newly created Election Day 2012 list.  That group include several major news sources, some MSM news personalities, and penty of conservative bloggers spread around the country so that we should get updates on most of the key races.

In addition, there will be a sort of “live blog” format for the Authors here and from College Insurrection.

In all likelihood both the Twitter feed and the Author feed will be in a single post.

The key thing is, you will be able to comment on that post in the normal fashion, and the comments will be in reverse chronological order like in the Tip Line, so the most recent reader comments will be on top.

Put it all together and I think we will have the best of the “live blog” format of updates from around the country via the Twitter feed plus Author updates, without the drive-by problem from the usual live blog format.  Reader comments also will be permanent.

Some things still are up in the air, but I probably will do a morning or mid-day feed/post, more than anything to make sure it works!

Then the real deal will go live around 6 p.m. Eastern, since the first polls close at 7 p.m. Eastern.

See you tomorrow.